Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sumer Daiza Discusses IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Considering breast implants? You deserve a board certified plastic surgeon who’s going to make your entire experience comfortable and personalized from start to finish. At the Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale, Dr. Sumer Daiza is a double board-certified plastic surgeon whose practice philosophy is to treat every patient as if he or she is a family member. She and her staff strive to provide a very warm and caring environment. She says, “I personally perform all of my consultations and spend as much time as the patients need to make sure that all of his or her questions are answered before they leave the consultation.”

If you do a Google search for “plastic surgeons near me in Scottsdale,” you may come up with a list of plastic surgeons who perform breast augmentations, but don’t necessarily have the latest breast implant technology available. Dr. Daiza is distinguished as an Ideal Implant Premier Network surgeon for her extensive experience working with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. She was the first female surgeon in the Arizona valley to offer IDEAL IMPLANT at her practice, and is excited about the amazing results she and her patients have seen. Sonoran Living sat down with Dr. Daiza and asked her more about her practice and what makes the IDEAL IMPLANT such a revolutionary new implant for women.

What procedures are available at your office in Scottsdale?

“My practice is mainly cosmetic surgery focusing on mommy makeovers, massive weight loss reconstruction and a lot of breast surgery.”

Why did you choose to practice cosmetic plastic surgery?

“I chose to specialize in plastic surgery mainly because of the positive impact I can have on someone else’s life. Plastic surgery is generally a life-changing event, and can help somebody not only physically, but emotionally and mentally with self-esteem and self-image.”

When patients are looking for a doctor, should they just search, “plastic surgeons near me in Scottsdale?” Or are there specific qualifications patients should look for?

“I, myself, as a double-certified plastic surgeon recommend that patients check credentials first. You want to be sure that your doctor is certified by a specialty that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. One of those specialties is the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This ensures that the doctor has had the proper training in plastic surgery, as well as passed certifying examinations, oral examinations, and maintains yearly continuing medical education. A board-certified plastic surgeon also will have to abide by a code of ethics.

“Apart from being board-certified, a patient should find a doctor that they feel very comfortable with. This is a lifelong journey that will be taken together, and the patient should feel comfortable, be honest with the physician, and feel that that physician understands what the patient desires. As a female plastic surgeon, many of my patients feel that I can relate to them and give them the natural results that they are looking for.”

What does your IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon status mean?

“That means that I was actually one of the first surgeons to offer IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants and I have vast experience across the nation using it in my practice.”

Tell us about all the implant options women currently have for breast augmentation.

“So, prior to the IDEAL IMPLANT, women basically had two options for breast augmentation. They had the traditional saline implant which is basically a silicone bag filled with salt water. It tends to feel very plastic and similar to a water balloon. And this was an okay option, however, it has rippling, it doesn’t feel as natural. And then we had silicone gel implants which were FDA approved in 2006. They feel very soft, very natural and feel like a natural breast when placed. And both of these were great implants but they each had disadvantages.

“One of the main differences with the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it’s a structured saline implant that was actually invented by a plastic surgeon. So a lot of thought went into it. It’s filled with saline, but it has multiple layers of silicone shells called baffles, which allows the saline to be distributed within the shells. So it feels and acts and behaves like a silicone gel implant.”

One of the things a lot of women fear is a leak or break in their implants, called a rupture. What specifically happens when breast implants rupture?

“If you have a saline implant and it ruptures, it’s basically salt water so your body absorbs it and the breast goes flat. And you know right away so you can get a new one put in. With a silicone gel implant women can have what’s called a silent rupture. You can walk around having a silent rupture and not even know it. Gel can leak out of the implant and into your body. It’s not detectable on physical exams, so the only way to know is to get an MRI. The FDA recommends women get routine MRIs every two to three years to evaluate the integrity of the silicone gel implant.”

What happens when an IDEAL IMPLANT ruptures?

“An advantage to the IDEAL IMPLANT is that because it is a structured saline implant, if you have a leak, it will only deflate partially. Because it is made up of multiple shells and multiple chambers, you won’t deflate completely like with the traditional saline implant. Peace of mind is key.”

New data just released after an eight-year study shows that IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants outperform silicone gel implants when it comes to implant rupture. Results show that the risk of implant rupture with IDEAL IMPLANT at eight years after primary breast augmentation was only 2.1% in comparison to silicone gel implants from Allergan (7.4%), Mentor (13.6%), and Sientra (7.2%) based on MRI scans. Knowing that only about 2% of women experienced a rupture with the IDEAL IMPLANT can give women confidence in the breast implant safety of these implants.

The IDEAL IMPLANT also has lower risks of capsular contracture. This potential breast implant complication causes the body to form scar tissue around the implant, which can cause the implant to displace, become firm, and potentially cause pain. IDEAL IMPLANT rates of Baker class III/IV capsular contracture at 8 years after primary augmentation were low at 6.6%, compared to silicone gel implants from Allergan (16.2%, at seven years), Mentor (10.9%, at eight years), and Sientra (11.2%, at eight years).

When capsular contracture occurs with silicone gel breast implants, women need revision surgery to remove and replace the implant. Sometimes the silicone gel that has leaked into the tissues has to be removed along with the scar capsule, which means the procedure can be lengthy and involved. Breast implant revision surgery is simple and quick with the IDEAL IMPLANT. The deflated implant is removed, and a new one is put in, only being filled once it’s inserted into the breast pocket. There is no gel to remove and the procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

What do your patients think about the IDEAL IMPLANT? Does it give them the look that they want?

“In my experience I’ve been very impressed. All of my patients have had high satisfaction rates. And I’m very picky. When I see these patients come back after surgery it’s incredible how close to silicone gel it feels. And a lot of times it’s really hard to tell the difference.”

Dr. Daiza believes strongly in patient education and strives to inform all of her patients of all their choices.

“One of the priorities for me in my practice is to really make my patients feel comfortable. I really take the time to educate them, go over the procedure in detail with them, and really go over all the options so that they can make an informed decision.”

Dr. Daiza says that the most gratifying part of being a plastic surgeon is the positive changes she makes in people’s lives.

“I love when patients come in here and give me a big hug and tell me that they cannot tell me enough how much I have changed their lives personally.”

Dr. Daiza’s Patients are Thrilled with their Results.

Here is what some of her breast augmentation patients had to say about their experience with Dr. Daiza and Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale:

“Dr. Daiza is truly amazing. I wish I found her sooner. I am finally happy with my body and i can’t wait for swimsuit season. She made me feel confident and comfortable. I would recommend her to my friends and family!” – Realself review from sunlovinmama

“I absolutely love Dr. Daiza. After breastfeeding 3 babies my breasts were a little sad. She gave me exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. I had consultations with a couple other doctors and they were trying to make me go huge. Daiza actually listened to me and gave me a recommendation based on my frame. She made me feel so comfortable. Love her!” – Realself review from Ashleyo9385

“I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Daiza! I went to her originally for a breast augmentation (implants and lift). Around the same time my friend was having her augmentation done as well by a different doctor. Obviously, we were in the healing process at the same time and my healing was noticeably easier. Dr. Daiza takes a different approach by having you bring in photos of your desired result vs other doctors I consulted with who just were just asking what bra size you wanted to be. The results are better than I ever could have imagined . . .” – Realself review from lele1107

The Education and Experience of Dr. Sumer Daiza

Dr. Daiza attended Xavier College Preparatory followed by Arizona State University. Dr. Daiza went on to obtain her medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. While there, she was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, a distinction awarded to only the top 10% of the medical school graduating class. She then completed a 5 year rigorous general surgery residency program at the Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency. She acquired additional plastic surgery training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Daiza then went on to achieve a one year cosmetic surgery fellowship with Charlotte Plastic Surgery, where she trained with some of the leading plastic surgeons in the country. Her training focused on cosmetic surgery of the breast, body and face.

Dr. Daiza is the founder of the Plastic Surgery Center of Scottsdale, where her practice philosophy is to provide the safest, highest quality of medical care in a warm and caring environment while delivering the most natural appearing results. Dr. Daiza does not believe in “factory like” surgery and instead has a “boutique style” practice where every patient is treated with the most personalized care and attention. Each patient is given Dr. Daiza’s personal cell phone number, so that they may feel comfortable reaching her at any time. She feels that it is a privilege to be chosen to become such an important part of her patient’s lives and to be able to create such positive long term changes for them. Her patients become like family and she enjoys the long term follow up with them. Dr. Daiza sees every patient from the initial consultation to the pre op visit and all post op visits thereafter. Her patients enjoy her warm and caring bedside manner and find her easy with whom to communicate.

Dr. Daiza offers breast, body, and facial procedures for men and women. She also offers GENEVEVE™ Vaginal Rejuvenation to women, which stimulates the body’s own renewal response to gradually restore healthy collagen and give soft tissue a more youthful tone and resiliency.

Considering breast implants in Scottsdale, AZ? Contact Dr. Daiza today to discuss your options. Simply call 480-585-0011, or visit Dr. Daiza’s office is located at 18325 North Allied Way, Suite 110, Phoenix, Arizona 85054. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.