Don’t Compromise: Get the Best Surgeon and Implant for your Breast Augmentation

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Breast Implant Education Center, Breast Implant Options, Breast Implants Before and After, Plastic Surgeon Feature

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Any decision about whether to get surgery is a tough one, especially if that surgery will impact your self confidence. For women considering breast augmentation, or, as it’s commonly called, a “boob job,” you need a surgeon you can trust to help you make an informed choice and get the results you want. Dr. Larry Nichter, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, has been recognized for his skill, being name one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in Orange County”. Additionally, he has earned awards and recognitions from Real Self, Top Doctor, Super Doctor, and Compassionate Doctor. Dr. Nichter ensures his patients receive the personalized care they deserve throughout their plastic surgery journey. Importantly, Dr. Nichter will discuss your goals with you and advise on the most appropriate procedure to get you the look you desire.

Because of Dr. Nichter’s commitment to getting the right results for his patient’s goals, he is one of the exclusive plastic surgeons offering the latest in breast implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. Designed in response to women’s concerns, the IDEAL IMPLANT combines the security of saline implants with the natural look and feel more commonly achieved with silicone gel implants. Women no longer have to make compromises between beauty and peace of mind.

Breast Implants: Before and After Photos

This patient was 29 years old and chose the 355 cc IDEAL IMPLANT, placed with moderate-high projection.


The first modern breast implant was the silicone gel implant. While it is effective at providing a natural look and feel, these implants may have a “silent rupture,” where the silicone gel leaks out of the implant. This is only detectable by MRI and requires surgery to remove the gel. The saline implant became available a few years later. An advantage to saline is that it’s a sterile salt water solution that the body safely absorbs in case of a rupture, which is detectable by simply looking in the mirror. Saline, however, does not look or feel as natural as silicone gel because it tends to ripple under the skin.

The IDEAL IMPLANT is the latest in breast implant, or “boob job,” technology and combines the benefits of both saline and silicone gel through its unique design. The implant is filled with safe saline, but the saline is contained within a series of “shells” to control the movement and give it stability, creating a more natural feel that does not ripple.

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