Does Breast Surgery Need to Wait Until After Pregnancy?

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a plastic surgeon in New York City who specializes in breast surgery. She has found a common area of concern among many of her breast augmentation patients – they want to know all about breast implants and the best time to get them. In her Charlotte’s Book article “When’s The Safest Time For Breast Implants: Pre- Or Post-Pregnancy?,” Dr. Bartsich provides insight about the specifics of breast augmentation timing.

Question From Charlotte’s Book Reader

“I have been thinking about getting breast implants, but I’m 32. It’s likely I’m going to have kids in the next few years—should I wait until after I’m done having children to get implants?”

An Expert Weighs In

Dr. Bartsich understands how pregnancy can affect a woman’s body and the ways that it impacts the results of plastic surgery. She tells her readers that the results of some procedures are more likely to be diminished because of pregnancy than others. Take abdominoplasty, for example. Every expectant mother’s belly is stretched to accommodate her growing baby, making it difficult or impossible to maintain the toned and tightened abdominal area created by a tummy tuck. Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting until after your childbearing years are behind you to have abdominoplasty.

Breast surgery is a different story. Dr. Bartsich says that “waiting is optional” for women who may want to have children in the future because breast changes during pregnancy are hard to predict. Having children affects each woman differently—some women’s breasts may deflate immediately while others may grow in size with each child. That’s why Dr. Bartsich says it is not logical to make breast augmentation plans based on when you want to have children.        

She says, “As a general rule, I tell my patients that if they are unhappy with their breasts, it is perfectly reasonable to become happy with them and enjoy them right then and there. For some patients, pregnancy will not require revision surgery down the road, and for those in whom pregnancy will produce major changes, they will need some sort of postpartum procedure regardless.”

Breast Implant Sizes and Breastfeeding

Still, whether or not pregnancy affects their breast surgery results, some women have questions about breastfeeding. A common concern among women thinking about breast augmentation is how it may impact their ability to nurse their babies. Dr. Bartsich says, “there is currently no evidence that breast implants pose a risk to pregnant women nor to breastfeeding.” But there are factors that should be given consideration, especially when it comes to breast implant sizes. Dr. Bartsich recommends “that a woman planning on having children in the future be cautious about having a large implant placed. Very large implants can cause chest wall deformities, which can make revision surgery more difficult in the future.”

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Now’s the Time to Love Your Body

In her article, “When’s The Safest Time For Breast Implants: Pre- Or Post-Pregnancy?,” Dr. Bartsich emphasizes that there is no right or wrong time to make the cosmetic changes you want to your breasts. She does advise, however, that women who are actively trying to get pregnant may want to wait for their breast surgery. After all, they probably have more important things to plan for during this time. But if you know you want to have children someday, and also want to enhance your breasts, there is no need to wait until your family is complete to have breast augmentation. Dr. Bartsich recommends that her patients take advantage of the opportunity to love their bodies now. She says, “The most common thing I hear in my office from women in their late forties and fifties coming in for breast augmentation is, ‘I should have done this years ago.’ There is no time like the present.”

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