Choose the IDEAL IMPLANT for Your McKinney Breast Augmentation

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Breast Implants Before and After, Plastic Surgeon Feature

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

At Setty Plastics and Aesthetics, Dr. Naveen Setty strives to provide each of his patients with exceptional, outstanding plastic surgery results. In the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, Dr. Setty has been recognized as one of the leading plastic surgeons in “The Best of Big D” in D Magazine from 2010 – 2018 and was named a “Top Doctor” for breast and body contouring procedures. At his private practice in McKinney, breast augmentation patients will be put at ease and know they’re in professional, qualified hands. Dr. Setty is proud to offer women the latest breast implant technology with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

The IDEAL IMPLANT Difference

Patients wanting a breast augmentation in McKinney can achieve a beautiful look along with peace of mind when they pick the IDEAL IMPLANT. This implant was designed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Hamas. He invented the IDEAL IMPLANT after years of dealing with ruptured silicone gel implants and listening to patient concerns.

“I realized that women want a breast implant that combines the benefits of both saline and silicone gel implants without having to accept the well-known compromises associated with each of them.” – Dr. Robert Hamas

The IDEAL IMPLANT combines the safety of saline with a unique structure to give the implant a rounded, youthful shape. Though the IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline, it does not have that “water balloon” feel or look often associated with traditional saline implants. This is because the IDEAL IMPLANT is supported by a series of nested shells and an upper pole that helps the implant keep its shape in various positions. The IDEAL IMPLANT is designed to move with you and not be noticeable.

Silicone gel implants continue to be a popular choice among breast augmentation patients, but many women who put a silicone gel implant and the IDEAL IMPLANT side by side like the feel of the IDEAL IMPLANT even better than the silicone implant. Women can get the volume and projection they want with this new implant technology while reducing their risks of both wrinkling and rippling. The outside edges of the IDEAL IMPLANT have also been lowered to conform to the natural curve of a woman’s chest, for a seamless, natural look.

A Before and After McKinney Breast Augmentation with the IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT can correct asymmetry, restore lost volume to women who have breastfed, and help weight-loss patients achieve a proportionate look. In these photos, you’ll see a 31-year-old patient who lost 100 lbs. She was unhappy with the appearance of her breasts after her weight loss. She received a bilateral breast augmentation and lift with the IDEAL IMPLANT filled to 405 ccs. These photos were taken 6 months after her breast augmentation in McKinney and she continues to be happy with her results.

Additional Benefits to the IDEAL IMPLANT

Smaller Incisions

Women who select silicone gel implants for their breast augmentation are often surprised at just how long their incisions have to be. Longer incisions mean more noticeable scars, which most patients aren’t thrilled about. With silicone gel, the implants come pre-filled to a specific size, and cannot be adjusted by the surgeon during the procedure. When women pick the IDEAL IMPLANT, their breast implants are not filled until after they are already inserted into the breast pocket. This allows surgeons to make a smaller incision no longer than about 4 cm, which means smaller, less noticeable scars. Your plastic surgeon can also adjust the volume of your breasts during the actual surgery, filling them to the appropriate size and correcting any asymmetry,

No Silent Rupture

McKinney breast augmentation patients who choose the IDEAL IMPLANT don’t have to worry about their implants spontaneously deflating without them knowing. When breast implants deflate, most plastic surgeons will say the implant “ruptured”. Silicone gel implants are filled with a sticky, silicone gel which oozes out of the implants when ruptured and can make contact with your body tissues without you knowing. This is called “silent rupture”. With silicone gel implants, the only way for a woman to detect a rupture in her implant is with an MRI scan, which is usually not covered by insurance and has proven unreliable. The FDA recommends women obtain an MRI scan three years after surgery, and every two years after that to check for ruptures.

Silent ruptures can be a real worry for women with breast implants. In a 2017 independent survey of 933 women, 98% of women reported they would be somewhat concerned to constantly concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants, with 73% saying they would be very concerned or constantly concerned.

Women don’t have to stress about their breast augmentation in McKinney when they select the IDEAL IMPLANT. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, patients can detect a rupture just by looking in the mirror. You will notice a slight decrease in volume when your IDEAL IMPLANT ruptures, but the only thing leaking into your body will be a harmless saline solution just like you would find in an IV at the hospital.

Easy Replacement

In the event of an implant rupture, most women elect to have their breast implants replaced as soon as possible. With silicone gel implants, breast implant revision surgery can take a long time, is expensive, and sometimes requires a lengthy recovery period.

There are two separate chambers in the IDEAL IMPLANT that hold the saline, which means you can take your time having the implant replaced when it’s convenient for you. The implant won’t completely deflate and give you an asymmetrical look. McKinney breast augmentation patients can rest easy, knowing that replacing an IDEAL IMPLANT is just a simple, straightforward surgery, often completed in under 30 minutes with a local anesthetic. Plus, surgeons can reopen the same incision initially made during the first breast augmentation, meaning less scarring for you.

Select a Surgeon with Education and Experience for Your Breast Augmentation in McKinney

Dr. Naveen Setty has an extensive background in the field of plastic surgery and is the plastic surgeon you want for your breast augmentation. He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University, earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Ohio State University, and completed his residency training in plastic surgery at Saint Louis University. He then went on to receive further training at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at the New York University Medical Center in New York, NY, where he finished two one-year fellowships in hand surgery and plastic surgery.

With his family, Dr. Setty moved from the East Coast to Plano, TX in 2008 where he opened his own plastic surgery practice. In 2012, he moved his thriving practice to McKinney, TX. When you come to one of his now three practices in Allen, McKinney, or Dallas, Dr. Setty wants you to feel like part of the family at Setty Plastics & Aesthetics. Dr. Setty knows how important it is for you to feel comfortable and excited about your McKinney breast augmentation. He places great importance on patient education and promises to listen to all your questions and concerns throughout your plastic surgery journey.

Considering breast implants in Dallas, TX? Contact Dr. Naveen Setty today to discuss your options. Simply call 214-842-6960, or visit Dr. Setty’s office is located at 175 Ridge Road, Suite 200, McKinney, TX 75070. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT.