How Carolinas Plastic Surgery Expert Dr. Ram Kalus Educates His Patients About Breast Augmentations

Are you researching breast implants in the Carolinas, but feel overwhelmed with all the data out there? Advice from an expert in plastic surgery, combined with FDA Core clinical trial data can help you choose the best breast implants for you. We recently sat down with Dr. Ram Kalus, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Kalus told us about his practice, and how he presents information to help his patients make the best choice for their needs.

Can you tell us about yourself and your practice?

“I’m Dr. Ram Kalus. I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon in Charleston, South Carolina, and I’ve been in practice almost 30 years. My practice these days is primarily breast and aesthetic surgery along with breast reconstruction.

“I would say that in general, my practice is heavily weighted toward the mommy makeovers, the professional women who know that they’re going to feel better about themselves with a better proportion to their body. Perhaps getting back what they had pre-pregnancy, but ultimately feeling comfortable both in and out of clothing looking as entirely natural as possible. So if there was one word that I would say sort of epitomizes my practice or symbolizes my practice, it would be the word natural, unoperated. Those are the goals that I try to achieve in my surgery.”

Is there a question most patients have when considering breast implants in the Carolinas?

“Sizing of breast implants, how to figure out what is the best way to determine what breast implant size, profile, dimension best suits your aesthetic needs. One of the most common questions that I see posted in all kinds of forums, including RealSelf, and questions that I see coming to me by patients coming in for consultations is the question of what size they think they need. And one of the other things that I see that occurs between patients in blogs and so on is big discussions, long discussions about specific implant sizes.”

Why are patients coming to you for the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant?

“The patients that I’m seeing who are interested in the IDEAL IMPLANT have done their research generally, have learned that the IDEAL IMPLANT is an excellent implant with in fact the best track record on the market as far as rupture rates or failure rates or the lack thereof, and so they’re attracted to that idea.

“I think that the controversies regarding silicone gel will never seem to go away. The issues surrounding breast implant-associated illness, the issues surrounding leakage, the issues surrounding immunogenicity of silicone gel, the issues of blind rupture or silent rupture, I think all of these are out there, and today’s consumer is in some ways much more educated. In other ways, they can be overwhelmed by a plethora of information that may be accurate or inaccurate, because as we all know, the internet has virtually no filters. So some of the information will be very accurate, some of it will be frankly entirely false, but the patient who comes to see me who is asking for IDEAL is generally very committed and already kind of made up her mind.

“There is the occasional breast augmentation patient who comes in thinking she wants silicone gel, and then after I’ve shown her all of the implant choices, she ends up really liking the IDEAL IMPLANT, and didn’t know about it before she arrived in my office. I don’t recall a patient who either didn’t know about IDEAL IMPLANTS or just maybe knew a little something about IDEAL IMPLANTS. My patients either knew nothing about it or they’re asking for it. There isn’t really much in between, which is kind of interesting.”

Is there a feature of IDEAL IMPLANT that most patients like?

“They’re attracted to the idea that the IDEAL IMPLANT is in fact adjustable, which is one of the big advantages of a saline-filled implant. What we can do with a saline-filled implant, which we cannot do with a silicone gel-filled implant, is we can fine tune the volume for optimal symmetry.”

Why is it important to be able to adjust for asymmetry?

“For example, most women may or may not know that most women’s breasts have some degree of asymmetry. In some, it’s more noticeable than in others, but in almost every patient that I see, and I see many, many patients for breast surgery, whether it’s augmentation, reduction, breast lift, mastopexy, breast reconstruction, I constantly verify and confirm for myself that there is rarely a woman that has perfectly symmetrical breasts. So, in the small-breasted woman who is seeking breast enhancement with an augmentation, it becomes very, very clear that the optimal tool, if you will, for the plastic surgeon is to try to achieve the best kind of symmetry that we can for that patient, and that is generally accomplished.”

What options are available to address asymmetry with silicone gel breast implants? What about IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants?

“If we use a silicone gel implant, we have a 20 to 25 cc increment difference between the next size up or the next size down. With an IDEAL IMPLANT, I can literally put in 350 cc in one implant and 364 cc in the other implant, and you cannot do that with a silicone gel-filled implant. Think about fine tuning an old radio where you adjust the dial so that the reception is just perfect. That’s what we can do with an IDEAL IMPLANT. We can micro-adjust the fill volume so that we think it’s just perfect, and that advantage is huge for the plastic surgeon. We don’t want to be necessarily limited by the implant choices that come off the shelf with a silicone gel-filled implant, which like I said, would be 20 to 25 cc differential.”

Are your patients happy with their IDEAL IMPLANTS?

“So far, I have not had any unhappy IDEAL patients, I can’t recall a single unhappy IDEAL augmentation patient.”

Why do you offer IDEAL IMPLANT to women seeking breast implants in the Carolinas?

“Because I think it’s an excellent device, it gives more choice, and we’re in America, we’re all about choice. I can’t think of a reason not to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT. The surgery, the technical nuances or differences between a traditional breast augmentation versus an augmentation with an IDEAL, it may add just a couple of minutes to the surgical time because of the filling , and there’s a teeny bit of a learning curve. The learning curve for me was extremely short, but it’s a personal choice.

“My own practice’s philosophy has always been let’s do the best we can for our patients. I think most of my colleagues would agree with that philosophy and sentiment because if you do the best you can for patients, it’s good for business. If you make your patients happy, they’re going to send their friends. That’s good for business, and it’s really what we’re all about. We’re all about trying to do good for our patients. That’s what we’re doing this for, and so IDEAL offers another choice. It’s an excellent choice. Many of us have looked at products that we’ve tried and rejected because we didn’t like that product. Well, I certainly can’t say that about the IDEAL IMPLANT.”

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