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IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Breast implants have been around for years and range in size, texture, and shape. While different styles and brands have come and gone, women have always been forced to choose between two main types of implants—saline or silicone gel. But now a third breast implant option is available. IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants bring together all the best features of both silicone gel and saline, without the common concerns women report before and after breast augmentation.

What is the IDEAL IMPLANT?

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a new, FDA-approved breast implant available only to American Board of Plastic Surgery certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Jonathan Hall, a top result when searching “breast surgery near me in Stoneham, MA.” No other implant is similar to the IDEAL IMPLANT, making it the first of its kind as a “structured” implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT uses a revolutionary, technology-driven design to provide the natural feel commonly associated with silicone gel, yet the peace of mind that comes with saline.

Unstructured Saline Versus “Structured”

While every type of saline-filled implant is made up of some sort of silicone shell with saline inside, there are some significant differences between “structured” implants and unstructured saline implants. A “structured” implant is comprised of a series of shells nested together that hold two separate chambers of saline. The advanced internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT allows it to behave differently than unstructured saline implants.

Sloshing – Sloshing is an issue with unstructured saline implants. They lack any internal structure to be able to control the movement of the sterile saltwater solution, which in turn, makes the implant replicate a feel similar to a water balloon. This sloshing is referred to as the “water-hammer” effect. With the IDEAL IMPLANT as a “structured” implant, the saline filler is held in different compartments. This eliminates sloshing since the movement of the solution is controlled.

Collapse – Women report unstructured saline implants tend to collapse when the body is in an upright position because these implants lack structure, and therefore, lack strength and support to keep the saline from settling. The IDEAL IMPLANT structured design prevents collapse when in an upright position.

Wrinkling/Rippling – The skin can wrinkle or ripple when an unstructured saline implant collapses. A “structured” implant reduces wrinkling and rippling.

Overall Feel – Unstructued saline implants are known for their less-than-natural feel. The structued IDEAL IMPLANT is known for its ability to produce a feel comparable to natural breast tissue, while also achieving a youthful shape and desired projection.

Silicone Gel Versus “Structured”

You might ask, “What is breast surgery near me in Stoneham, MA like with silicone gel implants?” One main difference between silicone gel implants and all other types of implants is the inherent risk of “silent rupture.” It is impossible for a woman to escape the chance of “silent rupture” if she chooses silicone gel implants for her breast augmentation. Before and after surgery, it is important for a woman to understand the upkeep required to ensure her silicone gel implants are intact.

A “silent rupture” occurs when an implant forms a hole or tear, allowing sticky silicone gel to then leak from the implant and get trapped in surrounding body tissue, all without a woman’s knowledge. Surgery is required to clean out the leaked silicone gel and remove the damaged implant. An MRI scan can detect a “silent rupture”. This is why the FDA recommends all women with silicone gel implants receive an MRI the third year after their breast augmentation, then every two years thereafter for the life of their implants.

There is no risk of “silent rupture” with the IDEAL IMPLANT, and no MRIs required to detect rupture. A woman can simply look in the mirror to confirm her implants are intact.

Rupture Rate with the IDEAL IMPLANT

When researching “breast surgery near me in Stoneham, MA,” knowing the rupture rate of each type of implant is helpful. A recent study allows comparison of the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants to three popular brands of silicone gel implants. The FDA core clinical trial data results show that women with the IDEAL IMPLANT have a substantially lower risk of developing certain major complications following primary breast augmentation compared to those with silicone gel implants. The study followed the rate of implant rupture/deflation and the rate of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is when a woman’s body forms scar tissue around an implant, which can create a distorted shape or look to the implant, and cause pain or discomfort as well.

The risk of implant rupture or deflation at eight years after primary breast augmentation:


Allergan Gel – 7.4%

Mentor Gel – 13.6%

Sientra Gel – 7.2%

The risk of capsular contracture after primary breast augmentation:

IDEAL IMPLANT  – 6.6% (8 years)

Allergan Gel – 16.2% (7 years)

Mentor Gel – 10.9% (8 years)

Sientra Gel – 11.2% (8 years)

Breast Augmentation: Before and After Images

Below are before and after breast augmentation images performed by Dr. Hall. His patient was a mother of three in her late 30s, desiring fuller breasts with a natural appearance. He states:

“After reviewing the implant options, she decided upon IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants. She was happy to not need to worry about a silent rupture, and even happier to be able to purchase an enhanced warranty from an outside insurance company that she will be able to renew annually for life. The base-width of each breast is 11.85 cm and the nipple to IMF [inframammary fold] on stretch distance is 8.5 cm. She was sized in the office and liked 325/350, but felt that 375 was simply too full in her clothing. Our decision was for the IDEAL IMPLANT 335-375 cc that has a base-width of 11.4 cm, filled to a total volume of 350 cc. The implant has an empty volume of 52 cc, and the back/inner chamber is filled to 188 cc. The front/outer chamber was filled to 110 cc to give a total implant volume of 350 cc. Her implants were placed below the pectoralis muscle and through an inframammary incision. She is shown before and again, 6 weeks after surgery. She is thrilled with her fuller, but still natural look.”

IDEAL IMPLANT Protection Plans

Receiving breast surgery in Stoneham, MA, is a big decision. For added security and peace of mind, women who choose the IDEAL IMPLANT are automatically enrolled at no cost in the Basic Protection Plan provided by Ideal Implant Incorporated. The Basic Protection Plan offers financial assistance to help with uninsured, out-of-pocket costs of surgery for deflation for 10 years.

For additional protection, women can enroll in a Premium Protection Plan prior to their breast augmentation for a low cost, then renew the plan annually. The Premium Protection Plan offers a more extensive financial assistance plan to help women avoid the stress of unexpected, uninsured costs that may arise following their breast augmentation.

Both plans provide for free an IDEAL IMPLANT replacement during the life of a woman’s implants for deflation, and for the first ten years for capsular contracture. Interested in learning more? Dr. Hall will take the time to help you understand the details of either plan.

“Breast Surgery Near me in Stoneham, MA” with Dr. Hall

If you have been looking into “breast surgery near me in Stoneham, MA,” Dr. Hall is a trusted choice. He comes highly qualified with years of experience and training. The US News & World Report recognized Dr. Hall as top-rated in his specialty, and Boston Magazine has named him a “Top Doc” for ten years.  

Dr. Hall is committed to offering personalized care that is customized to the needs of his patients. He continues to remain up-to-date on the latest advancements in the plastic surgery industry in order to be able to offer his patients the best possible products, techniques, and procedures available. If his patients have questions or concerns, he makes sure to address those so they can feel comfortable and confident in their decision to pursue plastic surgery.

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