Breast Implant Shapes and Your Plastic Surgery Options in Mechanicsburg, PA

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Plastic surgery provides women the opportunity to shed insecurities and live without worrying about how they look. But before you take the plunge and schedule your cosmetic procedure you must find a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who offers the options you are looking for. Women in central Pennsylvania who are looking for options like different breast implant shapes can visit Dr. Richard de Ramón at de Ramón Plastic Surgery Institute. We recently sat down with Dr. de Ramón to learn more about the options he provides.

Tell us about yourself and your practice?

“I’ve been in practice for 20 years. I started in 2000 and we’re in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. I have always wanted to have a solo practice because it gives me more control and it gives me the opportunity to make sure that patients are taken care of the way that I want them to be taken care of. A lot of my practice is breast and it’s a combination of breast augmentation, breast lift, cosmetic breast, and then breast reductions and some breast reconstruction. 

“There’s a lot of things I enjoy about it. There’s immediate satisfaction because you see the results immediately of your work. It allows some expression of artistic abilities, but really the satisfaction that I get out of it is from seeing the patient’s response to it. It gives them a lot of confidence and it just changes how they see themselves.”

What can a new patient expect at their first consultation?

“When people call my office for a breast augmentation consult, they typically are transferred to my patient care coordinator. I have a specially-trained staff member who deals with all the cosmetic patients. That way there’s good continuity of care. There’s not multiple different folks in the office taking care of them. We typically set up the initial consults to take about 45 minutes to an hour.

“At that consultation, I will have the opportunity to find out what the motivation is and find out what they’re looking for. If it’s reasonable, if they’re a good candidate, if I can deliver what they’re looking for, I make sure that they have realistic expectations about what can be done. They’re screening me: am I the right surgeon for them? I’m screening them: are they really a good candidate for surgery? Then at that time after I examine them, I will talk to them about a lot of the decisions that women have to make when it comes to breast augmentation.”

Women have a lot of decisions to make about their breast augmentation such as which breast implant shape and size they want, and where the implant is placed. Do you present these options for your patient so they can make an educated choice?

“I actually have a little list on my phone of all the things that I like to talk about because I am the kind of person that always wants to know all the options before I make a decision. So I approach breast augmentation like that. We talk about the position of the implant. Is it going to be above the muscle or below the muscle? Are they a candidate for either? What are the pros and cons of those decisions? 

“We then go on and talk about the incisional options. We talk about some of the more common reasons for reoperation. I like patients to know the rates of these problems with the different implants. 

“In addition to those other items that I mentioned, I also like to talk about the implant warranties up front, and each company has their own warranty. They don’t have to know it that well, but they have to understand what the different options are, and then they get it in writing so they can refer to it. 

There are certainly some doctors out there who will examine a patient and they’ll just say, ‘Well, based on my examination, this is what I recommend.’ They do not really tell them any of the options. I don’t like that. I like them to make their own decision.”

You offer a wide variety of breast implant options. Can you describe the breast implant shapes and types you discuss during a consultation?

“We start that off by talking about the various types of implants that are available. I talk about unstructured saline implants, I talk about silicone gel implants, and then I talk about the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. I talk about the pros and cons of each of those. That leads into a very natural discussion about FDA recommendations for silicone gel, for monitoring with MRIs or ultrasound. It’s not mandatory, but it’s a recommendation. I like patients to see the implants, to feel the implants.

“For people under 22, they more frequently will do saline implants. So the structured IDEAL IMPLANT, I think, is a much better option than the unstructured saline implant . . . I lay it out for patients and they can choose what they think is best for them.

“[In terms of breast implant shapes] I’ll actually almost universally use round implants. I don’t really like the anatomic implants for augmentation, but I review them and I show them why I don’t like them. We also talk about smooth and textured implants and why textured implants even evolved.”

You recently became an IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon. What drew you to start using this implant?

“What I like about the IDEAL IMPLANT is I really do think that it feels and acts much more like a silicone gel implant than the unstructured saline implant does. When patients feel it, it’s really a striking difference in how they feel. I’ve had many patients where, when I examine them, it’s really hard to tell what kind of implant they even have. So, what attracted me to the IDEAL IMPLANT was the feel, but then, technically speaking, the very low capsular contracture rate, and the very low deflation rate. I think those are both great  things. The warranty is part of the picture here too. I think they have a nice warranty.”

What do you have to say to women considering breast implants, but are unsure what breast implant shapes, sizes, or placements to choose?

“Overall, I think women want to have a lot of options. I’m excited that we have now a third breast implant option for women to explore and to choose. I’m excited to offer this as an option. Really, I’m here just to educate women about all their options and then to execute the procedure as best as it can be executed so they end up with a good result and can move on.”

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