How Gummy Bear Breast Implants Compare to Other Implants: Dr. Ferguson Has Answers

Are you wondering if breast augmentation surgery is right for you? Deciding to receive breast implants can be a difficult choice without a trusted plastic surgeon to guide you through the process. Many women worry about what type of breast implant to select, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. A skilled, knowledgeable, and caring surgeon makes all the difference. At Dermatology Associates of San Antonio, Dr. Earl Ferguson is committed to helping his patients achieve their personal goals. Whether you are interested in unstructured saline, silicone gel, or gummy bear breast implants, you will be in the best of care with his dedicated team of professionals.

Passionate About Plastic Surgery

Why did Dr. Ferguson want to become a plastic surgeon? He answered: “It was such a fascinating mix of science and art. Every patient is unique and therefore every procedure must be fashioned to fit the individual. No other surgical specialty offers such variety and challenge.” He understands that no two women are alike and everyone has their own preferences. As his patient, he will create a personalized treatment plan catered to your specific needs and expectations. He strives to empower women to make choices that they feel will improve their appearance, increase their confidence, and better their quality of life. When asked what he would like to be remembered as, he responded: “Somebody who made a difference in the lives of others. Every person whose self-esteem I can help to enhance has been given a new lease on life.”

The Choice is Yours

Patient education is a priority to Dr. Ferguson. Many women come in knowing the size, shape, or proportions they hope to change with breast implants, but are unsure what kind of implant can get them there. Unstructured saline, silicone gel, gummy bear breast implants, or the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants? There are many differences between each type of breast implant, which makes it absolutely crucial to be informed and educated about the available options. Dr. Ferguson takes the time to explain your choices, answer your questions, and listen to your concerns. As an IDEAL IMPLANT Preferred Surgeon, Dr. Ferguson is part of an exclusive group of board-certified plastic surgeons devoted to offering the very latest in implant technology. He uses up-to-date procedures and products to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Saline, IDEAL IMPLANTS, or Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

So why does Dr. Ferguson offer these next-generation implants? What exactly makes IDEAL IMPLANTS unique compared to unstructured saline, silicone gel, or gummy bear breast implants? As stated on the IDEAL IMPLANT website: “The IDEAL IMPLANT has a natural feel without risk of silent rupture, a youthful shape and contour, and many advantages women value over round silicone gel implants. You will always know your implants are intact simply by looking in the mirror, because you shouldn’t have to choose between natural feel and peace of mind.”

The advanced internal structure of IDEAL IMPLANTS is unlike any other type of breast implant. Unstructured saline implants are filled with a sterile, saltwater solution that moves around uncontrolled, similar to a water balloon. While this is a drawback, many women find security in that if a saline implant ruptures, the body can harmlessly absorb the solution.

Silicone gel implants are filled with a sticky, gel substance. In the event of a rupture, the leaked gel becomes trapped in a woman’s surrounding tissues and must be surgically cleaned out. A silicone gel implant rupture can go undetected for years, known as a “silent rupture”, which is why regular MRI scans are recommended by FDA for all women with silicone gel implants.

IDEAL IMPLANTS, referred to as structured implants, are made up of a series of implant shells that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. No silicone gel, and no chance of “silent rupture”. Furthermore, this innovative design eliminates sloshing, reduces wrinkling, prevents collapse, and provides a realistic look and feel. IDEAL IMPLANTS combine the natural feel of silicone gel without the worry or concern about silent rupture.

What Patients Say About Dr. Ferguson

Firsthand testimonials are a wonderful way to get to know a plastic surgeon. Read below what Dr. Ferguson’s patient saw about their results:

“My experience start to finish was exceptional. Dr. Ferguson is the perfect blend of caring, professional, and talented. He spent quality time with me during my consultations to understand exactly what I was looking for, as well as to explain the procedures and the expected outcomes. He managed my pain and recovery extremely well, and I LOVE my results!!! The beautiful results would have been enough, but having the whole experience be as wonderful as it was . . . I just can’t thank him enough. On top of all this, he has an amazing team and a top notch facility!!” RealSelf review by SAsmiles

“I had a lift with implants and could not be happier with the job Dr. Ferguson did. He makes them so natural and definitely has your best interest at heart. I hardly had any pain at all after the surgery and the results have been amazing. His bedside manner and surgical skill is phenomenal and I highly recommend him.” RealSelf review by Phenomenal1397

“I have always been self-conscious about my breast size even before kids but after 5 kids they became even smaller, barely able to fill out a B cup. I was so nervous going into this but put at ease when entering Doctor Ferguson’s office. They made everything for me so much more comfortable, I had never been through any type of surgery or even put to sleep before in my life and I am so happy with my outcome and feel so much better on every aspect, inside and out. Going from a size A/B to a full D . . . My experience has been amazing:)” RealSelf review by cgasser7899

 Visit Dr. Ferguson Today!

Dr. Ferguson was asked, “What is your favorite part of your job?” He answered, “Seeing the smile on someone’s face when they experience the difference that a meticulously performed reconstructive or cosmetic procedure can make.” Whether you are interested in unstructured saline, structured IDEAL IMPLANTS, or gummy bear breast implants, see what a trusted plastic surgeon can do for you!

Considering breast implants in San Antonio? Contact Dr. Earl Ferguson today to discuss your options. Simply call 210-877-5005 or visit Dr. Ferguson’s office is located at 15900 La Cantera Parkway, Ste. 20270, San Antonio, TX, 78256. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

You Won’t Regret a Breast Augmentation With Dr. Baxter

Women considering a breast augmentation often get both excited and nervous about the life-changing effects it will have. Will it turn out exactly how you envision? Will your scars be noticeable? How will the recovery be? When you trust Dr. Baxter with your breast augmentation procedure, all of these questions will be answered and concerns will begin to melt away. As an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon, Dr. Baxter not only has experience with all types of implants, but an especially extensive knowledge when it comes to handling and implanting the latest in implant technology. More and more women are choosing the IDEAL IMPLANT and trusting Dr. Baxter for their breast augmentation

About Dr. Richard Baxter

Known for his artistic ability to create natural looking results, Dr. Baxter has been voted “Western Washington’s Favorite Plastic Surgeon”. His practice is located in the Seattle area and he works with an experienced and passionate staff. His formal art training has helped him be able to create proportional looks that help his patients achieve their goals without looking either overdone or underdone. Because of Dr. Baxter’s patient philosophy and ability to create incredible results, patients travel from across the country to have him perform their breast augmentation and other plastic surgery and anti-aging procedures. 

I just wanted to look more feminine but with something believable and natural looking for my frame. I am so glad I found Dr. Baxter and his staff, they were always available to answer my millions of questions about this procedure and made me feel at ease and welcomed. He is very passionate about his work and uses advanced techniques to really strive for perfection. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about getting plastic surgery.”-Realself patient, G02011983

In addition to being one of the best surgeons for breast augmentation, Dr. Baxter is also the founding medical director of Calidora Skin Clinics, now part of Skin Spirit-the nation’s #1 provider of Botox. His research on the internal bra, the split muscle technique, the subfascial technique and the use of high-profile breast implants have all been cited many times as well as been extremely influential in his work and the satisfaction of his patients. He is known for continuously striving to discover better solutions and improved patient experiences. 

Getting a Breast Augmentation With Dr. Baxter

Dr. Baxter offers his patients a wide variety of breast augmentation procedures as well as different types of implants, including unstructured saline, silicone gel and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. Each implant comes with a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes as well as different methods of implant placement to help you achieve the dream that you have in mind. During your consultation, you and Dr. Baxter will discuss and determine together the best implant placement, type and size based on your specific body, lifestyle, and vision. 

He will take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand completely what the procedure will entail and how your results will look and feel. He will also discuss incision placement with you in order to reduce the appearance of scars. One of the benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it may allow for a smaller incision that is harder to detect after recovery than other types of breast implant incision scars. Before you move forward with any concrete decisions, Dr. Baxter will always make sure to educate you on all the breast augmentation options available to you.  

Benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant filled with a saline solution. Women and surgeons alike love this implant because it feels and looks natural but offers lasting peace of mind with the safety features it provides. One of the benefits of this implant is that it has a lower risk of rupture and capsular contracture than other implants on the market. In the small chance that it does rupture, the saline inside the IDEAL IMPLANT is harmlessly absorbed by the body.

In fact, a recent study showed that the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant has advantages over silicone gel implants for primary augmentation at eight years. The study showed that the cumulative risk of implant rupture or deflation with IDEAL IMPLANT was only 2.1% after primary breast augmentation in comparison to silicone gel implants with rates that range from 7.2% to 13.6% based on MRI scans. In addition, the IDEAL IMPLANT allows women to instantly detect deflation just by looking in the mirror, while silicone gel breast implants require regular MRI scans to detect rupture and can require extensive surgery to correct.

“Recent surveys have clearly shown that the majority of women have very real concerns about silicone gel in their bodies and the risk of silent rupture,” reports Dr. Vivian Ting, a board-certified Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon in California who presented the survey data at the ASPS Aesthetica Super Symposium last year. “Surgeons may underestimate this anxiety simply because they don’t share the concern, in great part because about 90% are male. A woman’s anxiety about what is in her body is a critical part of the full treatment picture.”

IDEAL IMPLANT is offered exclusively through a select network of board-certified plastic surgeons committed to addressing women’s concerns, educating them on all of their breast augmentation and implant options, and staying up to date on implant technologies. Dr. Baxter has been selected as an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon, which means he has more experience studying, working with, and implementing this implant than other surgeons. It also means that he can offer his patients this cutting edge technology with all of its benefits while other surgeons may not have access to it yet. 

Contact Dr. Baxter About Your Breast Augmentation

When deciding on your breast augmentation, consider all of the options that Dr. Baxter offers. Also consider his experience with all types of implants, including the latest in implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT, and his Preferred status. 

Considering a breast augmentation in Seattle? Contact Dr. Baxter today to discuss your options. Simply call 425-776-0880 or visit Dr. Baxter’s office is located at 6100 219th St. SW. Suite 290 Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Dr. Chase Offers a Breast Implants Price That You Can Afford

Many women who are considering getting breast implants spend a considerable amount of time researching the various sizes of implants and the look they want, but the breast implant’s price also plays a huge part in a patient’s ultimate decision of who their surgeon will be and which type of implant they end up choosing. Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon, Dr. Christopher Chase, is known for his experience and expertise in breast and body reconstruction. His practice in Chattanooga, Associates in Plastic Surgery, offers patients affordable methods to achieve the amazing results they desire.

About Dr. Christopher Chase 

Dr. Chase has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years in Chattanooga, TN and is highly recommended by past and returning patients. He is board certified and trained in all general aspects of plastic surgery with particular attention to breast augmentation and reconstruction. Up to date on the latest plastic surgery technology available, Dr. Chase provides cutting edge results while making sure to provide breast implant prices that you can afford. 

I had breast augmentation and Dr. Chase came highly recommended as the best in Chattanooga. He did a wonderful job and my recovery was easy. One of the nicest doctors I have ever met. His bedside manner is phenomenal and he answers any questions you have and makes you feel at ease.” Realself patient, Daisy80

The atmosphere at Dr. Chase’s clinic, Associates in Plastic Surgery, is a warm and welcoming one. Dr. Chase and his staff’s priority is your comfort and that includes helping you achieve your goals while being able to stay within your budgeted breast implants price. He will make sure to answer any and all of your questions without pushing any product, procedure or price on you as other surgeons might. Dr. Chase understands that every patient concern is valid and deserves to be addressed. 

Getting a Breast Augmentation With Dr. Chase

Dr. Chase offers his patients a wide variety of breast augmentation procedures as well as different types of implants, including unstructured saline, silicone gel and the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. Each implant comes with a variety of shapes and sizes as well as breast implant prices to help you achieve your end goal at the price you need. You and Dr. Chase will discuss and determine together the best implant placement, type and size based on your specific body type, lifestyle, and vision. 

He will also help you determine what type of incision you would like and where on your body you want it. One of the benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it may allow for a smaller incision that is harder to detect after recovery than other types of breast implant incision scars. Before you move forward with any concrete decisions, Dr. Chase will make sure to educate you on all the breast implant prices and payment plans available. 

Additional Benefits of the IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant filled with a saline solution. Women like this implant because it feels and looks natural but offers lasting peace of mind. A benefit of the IDEAL IMPLANT is that it has a lower risk of rupture and capsular contracture than other implants on the market for primary augmentation at eight years. In the small chance that it does rupture, the saline inside the IDEAL IMPLANT is harmlessly absorbed by the body. The IDEAL IMPLANT breast implant prices may be combined with protection plan options that could end up saving you money in the long run, especially when it comes to future implant maintenance, should you need it. 

Dr. Chase is an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon, which means he has more experience studying, working with, and implementing this implant than other surgeons. His extensive knowledge will give you an advantage if you choose this implant because he is so familiar with the look and safety benefits this implant can achieve. as

Breast Implants Price

In order to make your breast augmentation and other plastic surgery goals achievable, Associates in Plastic Surgery strives to offer affordable payment plans and accepts most insurances. All of your financial options will be thoroughly discussed in your initial consultation with Dr. Chase. Your breast implants price can be easily afforded when you choose a financing option like Prosper Healthcare Lending and CareCredit, two high quality financing companies in the healthcare industry. 

In addition, because of Dr. Chase’s location in Chattanooga, he is able to provide more affordable pricing. One patient chose his clinic because of the competitive breast augmentation and breast implants price

“…I live in the suburbs of Atlanta and most of my friends got their implants done here but the prices were outrageous. I also have friends in Chattanooga and they referred me to this practice which has a great reputation according to everyone I talked to. I saved about $2K by having my mom drive me to Chattanooga for the surgery. I went there a total of 3 times – pre-op appointment, surgery, and post-op appointment… It was worth the savings and I could not have found a better doctor here anyway. Dr. Chase is awesome!..”-RealSelf patient, snnga

Contact Dr. Chase About Your Breast Implant Decision

When deciding on the best breast implants price, don’t forget to consider all of the options that Dr. Chase offers. Also consider his experience with all types of implants, including the latest in implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT, and his premier IDEAL IMPLANT status. Ideal Implant is proud to have Dr. Chase as one of our distinguished, top surgeons because we know he consistently creates amazing results and understands the benefits of a structured implant for his patients.

Considering breast implants in Chattanooga? Contact Dr. Chase today to discuss your options. Simply call 423-624-0021 or visit Dr. Chase’s office is located at 3404 Navajo Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37411. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last: Get Answers with Dr. Delatte

It is natural to have a variety of questions when researching whether breast augmentation surgery is right for you. Is one type of breast implant better than another? How can I achieve my desired look and feel? What are potential complications? How long do breast implants last? At Delatte Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stephen Delatte takes the time to answer these questions and more as his patients prepare for this life-changing procedure.

Solutions with Dr. Delatte 

Dr. Delatte strives to help his patients feel educated and empowered. Receiving breast implants is a big decision. Since there are several kinds of breast implants available, he is committed to making sure you understand your options. He creates personalized treatment plans for every one of his patients to ensure their individual needs and expectations are met. Dr. Delatte wants you to find the best solution to match your personal preferences.

The Latest Breast Implant Technology 

With his commitment to excellence, Dr. Delatte offers the very latest in breast implant technology, including the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant. As an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon, he is part of an exclusive group of board-certified plastic surgeons eligible to offer this advanced, new type of breast implant. Breast implants differ in shape, size, and style. The IDEAL IMPLANT is a unique and innovative option for women wanting the peace of mind of saline combined with the natural feel and realistic look of silicone gel.

Three Types of Breast Implants

When seeking a breast augmentation, Dr. Delatte’s patients can choose from unstructured saline, silicone gel, or IDEAL IMPLANT. He is often asked how long do breast implants last? Understanding the structural differences between these three types of implants can answer that question.

  • Unstructured Saline – Saline implants are filled with a sterile, saltwater solution. A woman’s body can harmlessly absorb this solution if an implant ruptures and begins to deflate.
  • Silicone Gel – Silicone gel implants contain a sticky, gel-like substance. If an implant ruptures, the substance becomes trapped in the surrounding tissue. The implant must then be surgically removed and the gel cleaned out. Unfortunately, this kind of rupture can go undetected for years, commonly referred to as a “silent rupture.”
  • IDEAL IMPLANT – IDEAL IMPLANTS are a structured implant that contain no silicone gel. They consist of a series of shells nested together with two separate chambers filled with saline. This advanced internal structure creates a lower risk of implant rupture, plus no possibility of “silent rupture.”

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? 

An eight-year study compared postoperative complication risks between IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants and three brands of silicone gel implants—Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. The results provide a look into the question, “How long do breast implants last?”

The study concluded: “The cumulative risk of implant rupture or deflation with IDEAL IMPLANT at eight years after primary breast augmentation was only 2.1% in comparison to silicone gel implants from Allergan (7.4%), Mentor (13.6%), and Sientra (7.2%) based on MRI scans. While Structured implants allow women to detect deflation by looking in the mirror and are filled with saline that is safely absorbed by the body, silicone gel breast implants require an MRI scan to detect rupture, which is recommended by FDA every two-three years for life.”  

The Best Choice for You 

Whether you are interested in unstructured saline, silicone gel, or IDEAL IMPLANT, the team at Delatte Plastic Surgery is here for you. They are dedicated to making your breast augmentation the best experience possible. Dr. Delatte opened his practice in 2005 after completing years of education and extensive training. During his general surgery training, Dr. Delatte was awarded the Max S. Rittenbury Intern of the Year for the Department of Surgery, received the Dabney R. Yarbrough III, MD Research Award, elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha Society, and served as Chief Administrative Resident for the department of surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Delatte completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics-Madison. Then as part of his core residency training, he studied Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the face, head, neck, trunk, and extremities.

 A “Top Notch” Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Delatte’s patients say it best. As a popular plastic surgeon in the Lafayette area, he is known for his compassionate care and attentive bedside manners. His quality of work is described in these patient reviews:

 “Top notch professionalism, staff and results! Dr. Delatte and his staff made sure I was comfortable with the process, all questions were answered and I was WELL taken care of over the weekend with calls and texts. Following the procedure, the staff made accommodations for my husband’s schedule to remove bandages. The 3D imaging was extremely helpful in choosing the size of implants suitable for my figure therefore, I had no surprises after surgery and am extremely pleased with the outcome! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Delatte’s office to anyone who desires plastic surgery or skin care needs!”-RealSelf review by L. Adams

 “Dr. Delatte answered all my questions before I could even ask him, he was very personable, did a great job of making me feel comfortable, and his staff was amazing.” -RealSelf review by ewilli5

 “The results I have gotten are amazing! Dr Delatte never disappoints his patients.” -Facebook review by Tamica Theriot

 “I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, compassionate and exceptionally skilled surgeon. The staff is just as compassionate and so helpful!” -Facebook review by Julia DeRouen Carline

 “Dr Delatte and his staff are absolutely the best!! He is so professional, honest and meticulous. He and his staff listen to the patients’ questions and concerns, then give an objective opinion and recommendation … Thanks for being the best.” -Facebook review by Linda Guy Degal

What are You Waiting For? 

If you have questions, Dr. Delatte has answers. Are you wondering how long do breast implants last? Want to learn about all of your breast implant options? Maybe you are unhappy with your appearance and want to improve an aspect of your body. Or perhaps you are ready to increase your self-confidence and enhance your quality of life. Whatever your reason, Dr. Delatte is the plastic surgeon to trust with all your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery needs.

Considering breast implants in Lafayette? Contact Dr. Stephen Delatte today to discuss your options. Simply call 337-269-4949 or visit Dr. Delatte’s office is located at 100 Drury Lane, Lafayette, LA, 70508. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Implants with Dr. Bradley Calobrace?

Making the decision to move forward with a breast enhancement surgery is one of the most  personal decisions a woman can make. Finding a surgeon that you can trust can be difficult. The internet is flooded with doctors, each vying for your attention. Which one is the right one and best one for you? How much does it cost to get implants from each surgeon? Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace, an Ideal Implant® Preferred Surgeon, has more than 24 years of experience and is a highly trusted name amongst plastic surgeons. 

About Dr. Bradley Calobrace

Dr. Calobrace received his undergraduate degree from Manchester College in Indiana, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology-Chemistry. He graduated with honors including Summa Cum Laude-Valedictorian, Manchester Scholar, Manchester Dean’s List, and the National Dean’s List. He continued on to medical school at the Indiana University School of Medicine where he received continued accolades and honors. Dr. Calobrace completed residencies in both plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Moving on to a fellowship with Dr. G. Patrick Maxwell in Nashville, TN., Dr. Calobrace completed his training in aesthetic surgery and reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery in 1997. He has dual clinical faculty appointments with the Departments of Plastic Surgery at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky and has received teaching honors in 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Why You Can Feel Confident Choosing CaloAesthetics

If you have been researching “how much does it cost to get implants,” or “why type of implant is best,” Dr. Calobrace can guide you in the right direction to achieve fuller, natural looking breasts. Dr. Calobrace’s Plastic Surgery practice, Caloaesthetics, performs over 500 breast procedures each year. These surgeries range from breast augmentations to breast reconstructive surgeries. With all of the many choices of breast implants, including the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, silicone gel, unstructured saline, or gummy bear breast implants, Dr. Calobrace takes pride in spending time educating each patient about the benefits and compromises of each type of implant. This allows women to make the right decision for their lifestyle, body, and personal preferences. 

Are IDEAL IMPLANTS Right for Me?

Dr. Calobrace is an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon, providing patients with peace of mind and aesthetics. The innovative IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant provides an alternative to silicone gel. The IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline, but the patented design of the IDEAL IMPLANT allows a natural feel and youthful look to breast augmentation patients. If you are wondering “how much does it cost to get implants,” IDEAL IMPLANTpricing is about the same as silicone gel breast implants .. Unlike other implants with a single shell, the IDEAL IMPLANT has multiple shells nested inside of each other and two distinct chambers that hold the saline. The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT is what differentiates it from unstructured saline implants. The internal structure of the IDEAL IMPLANT  keeps the implant from wrinkling or collapsing. In the unlikely event of a rupture, the body can absorb saline, unlike silicone gel. IDEAL IMPLANT is FDA approved for patients age 18 and older. Because the IDEAL IMPLANT can be filled after insertion, it allows for a smaller incision than silicone gel implants. 

To help patients better visualize how they will look with breast implants, Dr. Calobrace provides them with 3-D and 4-D images. With the use of breakthrough technology, Dr. Calobrace uses Vectra 3-D technology during the consultation process. This allows women to see how they would look with implants. Side-by-side, a 3-D image is created to show the patient their current appearance, compared to a fourth dimension image of the expected results after breast implant surgery. If you have ever researched “how much does it cost to get implants”, you know you want to get it done right the first time. Vectra technology allows women to walk away satisfied and confident with their results. 

“My inspiration is excellence: in technique, patient care and outcomes.” – Dr. Bradley Calobrace

What to Expect with Breast Implant Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure, so patients are able to return home the same day as the surgery is performed. Patients are placed under anesthesia by a board-certified anesthesiologist. A small incision is made either under the breast (in the fold of the breast) or under the armpit. After clearing a small space for each breast implant, either behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle, Dr. Calobrace will position the implant and ensure that he has achieved your desired breast size. Breast implant surgery generally takes one to three hours. Following surgery, patients should be able to be up and about, walking around. However, it is recommended that they refrain from driving. It is advisable to solicit help from a family member or friend for the first day or two. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get Implants?

The cost of implants varies depending on the type of implant, the customization of each case, and the anatomy of each patient. Estimated pricing includes Hospital Costs, Anesthesia Fees, and the Surgeon’s fees. Dr. Calobrace does offer financing options, providing qualified patients the luxury of attaining their ideal breast size, even if they do not have the total cost available to them at that time. 

Contact Dr. Calobrace for a Consultation

It is no wonder that Dr. Calobrace is highly respected by both patients and peers. His achievements and recognitions continue to sing his praises, just as the local and national media does. Dr. Calobrace is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He has received the Scott Spear Award for the Best Breast Presentation at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conference. He was also named to the Louisville Magazine TOP DOCS Hall of Fame for consistently being named a TOP DOC by his peers. In addition, Louisville Magazine recognized him as a ‘Top Surgeon” in breast augmentations. You can feel confident when you choose Dr. Calobrace as your breast implant surgeon. Be sure to ask him any and all questions including “how much does it cost to get implants.” We encourage patients to do the research themselves! Take a closer look at Dr. Calobrace’s RealSelf profile and Facebook profile.

Considering breast implants in Louisville? Contact Dr. Bradley Calobrace today to discuss your options. Simply call 502-899-9979 or visit Dr. Calobrace’s office is located at 2341 Lime Kiln Lane, Louisville, KY 40222. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Why Dr. Eliopoulos is the Right Choice for Your Breast Implants

You deserve someone with exceptional skill and expertise to give you the best breast implants for your body. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dina Eliopoulos has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and a woman’s touch to give you the natural results you want. Dr. Eliopoulos specializes in breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks and body contouring procedures at her beautiful office in Chelmsford, MA. She is well-known for her compassionate, understanding nature and her artistic skill. Due to her extensive expertise working with IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants,  the latest technology in breast augmentation, Dr. Eliopoulos was recently recognized as an Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon. 

Educational Background

After completing her undergraduate degree at the College of the Holy Cross with a BA in Chemistry, Dr. Eliopoulos obtained her medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She then went on to complete a five-year residency in General Surgery at the State University of New York Health Science Center in Syracuse, New York, followed by a two-year residency in Plastic Surgery at the Medical College of Georgia, and an Aesthetic and Breast Surgery Fellowship at the Charlotte Plastic Surgery Center in North Carolina. Dr. Eliopoulos explains why she chose to pursue a career in plastic surgery:

“Plastic surgery was the perfect and natural choice for me as I progressed through my surgical training. I have a true passion for this specialty, which allows me to combine my artistic talents with my fine attention to detail to help my patients achieve the most natural and aesthetic result from their surgery.”

Dr. Eliopoulos grew up in Chelmsford, MA and was excited to establish her own private practice in the area. In the year 2000, she founded the Center for Plastic Surgery Boston in order to provide excellent care and quality service to her patients and the surrounding community.

With certifications from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Medical Specialties, Dr. Eliopoulos is exceptionally qualified to deliver stunning results to her patients. She is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and a member of the Massachusetts Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Options for Breast Implants from Dr. Eliopoulos

Breast augmentation was the number one cosmetic surgical procedure in 2019, with just under 300,000 procedures performed. Women continue to elect to have this procedure for different reasons, such as a desire for a more full, shapely figure or to restore lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Currently there are three different types of implants on the market today. Women can choose silicone gel breast implants, unstructured saline breast implants, and the new structured breast implant: the IDEAL IMPLANT. Before you make any decisions, Dr. Eliopoulos will sit down with you and discuss the benefits and compromises of each of these types of implants, and discover with you which would best fit your needs and expectations. You’ll be able to physically touch the implants and do a side-by-side comparison of the different feels of each one. Dr. Eliopoulos will go over what you can expect before, during, and after a breast augmentation procedure and detail any risks involved in the surgery and the recovery process. Watch this video for more information.

“Being a woman myself, I feel like I can especially understand what women’s goals and concerns are when they are trying to decide if breast augmentation is right for them and if they feel comfortable maintaining an implant. While I continue to offer silicone implants, as well as unstructured saline implants to my breast augmentation patients, I think that informed women considering breast augmentation will find the structured IDEAL IMPLANT to be a game changer!” – Dr. Eliopoulos

The Worry of Silent Rupture

Silicone gel breast implants are popular for their look and feel, but some women don’t like the fact that you cannot tell if the implant has ruptured without undergoing an expensive MRI. A rupture occurs silently and a woman may not find out about it until months or years later. The IDEAL IMPLANT carries a lower rate of both rupture and capsule contracture when compared to silicone gel breast implants. 

In a 2017 Independent Survey, “Women’s Preferences in Breast Implants,” 98% of women reported they would be concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants. Silent rupture is a cause for worry because sticky silicone gel can escape from the implant and get into the body tissues, resulting in bigger health problems down the road. 

The IDEAL IMPLANT was created by a plastic surgeon with women’s concerns in mind. It is filled only with saline, so if there is a leak, the fluid leaking out will simply be absorbed by the body. The unique design of layers of nested shells holds the saline in place so it won’t slosh or jiggle like an unstructured saline implant might. So you’ll get the look and feel of silicone gel without the risk of silent rupture. Many women find that the IDEAL IMPLANT gives them peace of mind because if a rupture occurs in an IDEAL IMPLANT, you’ll notice it right away.

“There is no risk of silent rupture, you can simply look in the mirror and know your IDEAL IMPLANT is intact. No MRI scans are needed, and no need to consider prophylactic exchange as with silicone.” –Dr. Eliopoulos

Select Dr. Eliopoulos for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Patients appreciate the care and compassion they’re shown at the office of Dr. Eliopoulos. Many find that no other surgeon listens with the same kind of attention to detail and individualized consideration Dr. Eliopoulos provides. 

“Dr. Dina Eliopoulos is the very best . . . I am delighted with my surgery, the outcome, the before and after care. Dina has THE best bedside manner. She makes her patients feel like she has known them for life. She is warm and caring. No matter where your geography is, Dina is worth the drive.” –Website review from Jean Cochran

Considering breast implants in Boston, MA? Contact Dr. Eliopoulos today to discuss your options. Simply call (978) 274-7801 or visit Dr. Eliopoulos’ office is located at 9 North Rd Suite 202, Chelmsford, MA 01824. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Why Dr. O’Connell Chooses IDEAL IMPLANT® Over Gummy Bear Implants

With over 35 years of surgical experience in facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and aesthetic breast surgery, Dr. Joseph O’Connell is one of the best plastic surgeons in Fairfield County. At Total Aesthetics in Westport, Connecticut, Dr. O’Connell’s ultimate goal is to give his patients a natural and unoperated look while boosting their self-confidence. If you’ve heard about gummy bear implants and want to know more about your options for breast augmentation, Dr. O’Connell is the expert to see! Dr. O’Connell is an IDEAL IMPLANT® Premier Surgeon due to his extensive expertise working with the latest technology in breast augmentation: IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Education and Experience

Many patients from all over the United States come to see Dr. O’ Connell due to his considerable experience and unparalleled education. He is a graduate of Cornell University Medical College and performed his plastic surgery training at the prestigious New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center. Board-certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. O’Connell dedicates his practice entirely to aesthetic surgery. 

He has been honored by his peers as a Castle Connolly New York Metro Area “Top Doctor” for 16 consecutive years, and was also recognized by New York Magazine as one of the city’s Best Doctors in 2018. In addition to these accolades, Dr. O’Connell also served as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bridgeport Hospital (a Yale affiliate) for seven years, and he was the youngest plastic surgical chief in their history. 

Dr. O’Connell has published articles on facelift surgery, eyelid surgery and breast surgery. His article on the BiDirectional Facelift was the lead article in the September 2015 issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal and his most recent article on the subject of drainless abdominoplasty, was published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2018.

Options for Breast Augmentation: Gummy Bear Implants vs. IDEAL IMPLANT

Breast augmentation is still the number one cosmetic surgery in the U.S., with just under 300,000 procedures performed in 2019. Women who want to achieve their ideal breast symmetry and overall body proportion go to Dr. O’Connell so they can get the size, contour, and shape they want. On the market today there are three main types of implants women can choose from: silicone gel breast implants, unstructured saline breast implants, and the new structured breast implant: The IDEAL IMPLANT. 

You may be thinking, “What about gummy bear implants?” Gummy bear implants also fall under the silicone gel category , but the gel inside is more firm and highly cohesive than other silicone gel models. Some women like the gummy bear implants because they tend to retain their shape, however, all types of silicone gel implants come with some safety concerns of which you should be aware.

Silent Rupture in Silicone Gel Implants

While silicone gel breast implants look and feel like natural breast tissue, they are filled with sticky silicone gel that is not natural to your body. If an implant tears or ruptures, the silicone gel can slowly leak out and get into your surrounding body tissue. This can cause complications such as capsular contracture.

“The formation of a “capsule” of scar tissue around any kind of implant is a normal part of the healing process. . . In some patients, however, this capsule of scar tissue becomes unusually hard and starts to contract around the implant.  Ruptured implants are the most common cause of late-onset capsular contraction.” -from

It is very difficult to tell if a silicone gel implant has ruptured by physically looking at it, thus the term “silent rupture” is used to describe this occurrence. Because of silent rupture, the FDA recommends patients with silicone gel breast implants receive MRIs every 2-3 years to try and detect the rupture so the ruptured implant can be removed and replaced . Most insurance companies do not cover breast augmentation, and won’t pay for these expensive MRIs either. In a 2017 Independent Survey, “Women’s Preferences in Breast Implants,” 98% of women reported they would be concerned about silent rupture with silicone gel implants. 

What Makes the IDEAL IMPLANT Unique

Because of silent rupture concerns, Dr. O’Connell has not used any silicone gel breast implants, (including gummy bear implants), since the year 2017. Dr. O’Connell currently performs breast augmentation exclusively with the FDA-approved IDEAL IMPLANT.

“Clinical advantages of the IDEAL IMPLANT are lower rupture and capsular contracture rates, higher rupture strength, and ability to place and remove the implant via a small incision. Because the IDEAL IMPLANT contains  a saline-based solution, there is no risk of silicone gel in adjacent tissues, no silent ruptures, and no need for MRI scans to evaluate implant integrity.” –Dr. Joseph O’Connell

The IDEAL IMPLANT can grant women the peace of mind they seek when it comes to their breast implants. It allows women to have a beautiful, natural look with the safety of only saline inside. Saline solution is  absorbed by the body without any health risks, so if a rupture does occur, you can get the implant replaced at your convenience. Unlike unstructured  saline implants where the saline solution tends to slosh around, the IDEAL IMPLANT has layers of nested shells that keep the saline in place. The IDEAL IMPLANT also has a very similar feel to a silicone gel implant, so you won’t have to worry about it feeling unnatural. 

At your confidential consultation, Dr. O’Connell will go over the goals you hope to achieve with breast augmentation, and discuss the details of the procedure. Often women who have existing silicone gel implants come into the office to have them replaced with the IDEAL IMPLANT. This procedure is fairly quick, and done without general anesthesia. At Dr. O’Connell’s practice, Total Aesthetics, you’ll also have access to an on-premises, nationally accredited, surgical suite, so you can undergo your procedure without having to travel to a separate hospital.

Select Dr. O’Connell for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Many of Dr. O’Connell’s patients who were originally considering gummy bear implants for their breast augmentation ultimately choose the IDEAL IMPLANT for all of the unique benefits it offers. As an Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon, Dr. O’Connell has the expertise necessary to achieve beautiful, natural results. At Dr. O’Connell’s office you’ll feel welcome and listened to no matter which procedure you choose.

“. . . Dr. O’Connell himself was personable, skilled, experienced and I felt comfortable to allow him to conduct such a delicate procedure. I would absolutely recommend his office and qualifications.” –Google Review from Brianna A.

Considering breast implants in Westport, CT? Contact Dr. O’Connell today to discuss your options. Simply call (203) 814-1724 or visit Dr. O’Connell’s office is located at 208 Post Road West Westport, CT 06880. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Why You Should Pick Dr. Christopher Park For IDEAL IMPLANT or Gummy Bear Breast Implants

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure with nearly 300,000 surgeries performed last year. If you have toyed with the idea of getting a breast augmentation, there are many things to consider. What type of implant is best for you and your body? How can you find a trusted surgeon to  make sure that you feel comfortable and happy with your new look? With so many options of plastic surgeons and different types of implants, it can be overwhelming and difficult to narrow it down. If you are looking for gummy bear breast implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, or silicone gel, Dr. Christopher Park with The Park Clinic Plastic Surgery in Mobile, Alabama should be your first choice. Dr. Park is an Ideal Implant Premier Surgeon and a top rated Plastic Surgeon. Premier IDEAL IMPLANT surgeons are amongst the most experienced surgeons in the nation.

Dr. Park’s Education and Credentials

Dr. Park is a long time local to Mobile. He graduated as the Valedictorian and was a scholar athlete at St. Paul’s Episcopal School. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Virginia in Interdisciplinary Echols Scholars. He graduated “With Distinction” and received many other prestigious awards during his time at the University of Virginia. 

Making his way back home, Dr. Park continued his education and training at the University of Alabama School of Medicine at UAB. It was there that the awards and recognition continued. He was awarded the Galbraith Award for Excellence in Surgery. Dr. Park did his Residency at Wake Forest University in North Carolina where he trained in General Surgery and every aspect of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, including cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical aesthetics. 

Dr. Park continued to have an eagerness to learn new skills. Several leaders in Plastic Surgery around the nation allowed Dr. Park to continue his training while traveling and shadowing them. He has given back to his Alma Mater and served as a Clinical Instructor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Park is Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Between his education and 17-plus years of practice, Dr. Park is a trusted name in the field of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, gummy bear breast implants, IDEAL IMPLANT, and silicone gel.

Why You Can Put Your Trust in Dr. Park

Surgery can be nerve-racking for many people. The thoughts about what could go wrong, if you picked the best doctor, and the many questions surrounding the recovery process can be overwhelming. You can feel confident knowing that you have picked the most qualified and capable surgeon when you pick Dr. Park. He is RealSelf Verified. He has a 4.9 star rating out of five stars confirming his patient satisfaction, is in good medical standing with a current medical license, responds quickly to inquiries, and communicates effectively with patients. 

Dr. Park regularly presents in national academic, local, and public arenas on the many facets of plastic surgery and is considered a leading expert in plastic surgery. He stays current on all new technologies for plastic surgery, including IDEAL IMPLANT, all while implementing it safely and effectively. 

Dr. Park is highly proficient in all Plastic Surgery procedures, however, the most common operational procedures that Dr. Park is best known for include:

  • Breast reconstructive surgery
  • Breast augmentation (silicone gel, IDEAL IMPLANT,  and gummy bear breast implants)
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lifts

With a variety of options to choose from when deciding which type of breast implants are best and right for you, Dr. Park is there to guide patients in making an educational and confident decision. 

“I talked to several women who had implants. It came down to one lady who showed me her ‘scars.’ She had to point them out to me because they were almost invisible. She spoke highly of Dr. Park and I was sold. Everyone in the office is super nice and professional.. made me very comfortable. Now a year later . . . I am still so happy I chose Dr. Park for my lift and implants. I love the shape and how natural they feel and look. I will definitely see Dr. Park for any future procedures!” — Review from RealSelf 

How to Choose Which Implant Type is Best for You

If you are researching breast implants, allow us to dive into a summary of the different types of implants offered and the benefits and compromises of each:

  • Silicone Gel: These implants come in a shell that is filled with silicone gel. It mimics the feel and look of fatty tissue, providing a natural look and feel.
  • “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants: This type of implant is made up of a highly cohesive silicone gel. Nicknamed the “gummy bear” implant because it is firm and  holds its shape, similar to that of an actual gummy bear that you eat.
  • IDEAL IMPLANT: This type of breast implant provides a youthful shape to the breast that conforms to the natural curve of an individual’s chest wall. IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant and is FDA approved. The saline that sits between two chambers, gives the breast a natural look and feel, while reducing the chance of folding and wrinkling. A benefit in choosing the IDEAL IMPLANT for many patients is that in the unlikely event of a rupture, a woman can notice immediately by looking in the mirror that the implant has ruptured. It does not require an MRI, like a silicone gel implant may require. Dr. Park is pleased to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT and the promising and successful results that it produces for his patients.  

Why Dr. Park Should Be Your First Choice for Breast Augmentation

If his education, accolades, and experience mentioned above still don’t have you hooked on Dr. Park, allow us to mention that he won the Patient’s Choice Award, Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, and the On-Time Doctor Award. His 17-plus years of experience prove that Dr. Park is an expert in plastic surgery and can be your trusted choice for IDEAL IMPLANT, silicone gel, and gummy bear Breast implants.

Considering breast implants in Mobile or Fairhope, Alabama? Contact Dr. Christopher Park today to discuss your options. Simply call (251) 340-6600 or visit

Dr. Park’s offices are located at 3153 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL, 36606 or at 411 N Section St., 3rd Floor, Fairhope, AL, 36532. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Meet Preferred Surgeon Dr. Michael Brucker

Board-Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Brucker is well known in La Jolla and the surrounding areas as one of the top plastic surgeons. With 19 years of plastic surgery experience his surgical skill is only matched by his dedication to patient care. At his practice, Brucker Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bruker and his staff strive to make every visit pleasant, informative, and individualized, whether it is the first consultation or last post-op check-in. Dr. Brucker guides his patients toward their desired goals by listening to their needs, using tools such as a breast implant size chart and Vectra 3D Imagery, and educating them on their options. Dr. Brucker offers the latest breast implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, and was recently named an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon because of his extensive experience using the implant.

About Dr. Brucker

Dr. Brucker’s skill in surgery comes in part from his training at top institutions around the nation including Northwestern Medical School in Chicago and Brown University School of Medicine. As chief resident at Rhode Island Hospital, Dr. Brucker gained extensive experience in procedures involving the body, face, and breasts. In 2002 Dr. Brucker entered private practice, however, his contributions to medicine continue to reach far beyond the La Jolla community. Dr. Brucker’s research and journal articles cover a wide range of topics from wound healing to abdominoplasty. He is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is a fellow of The Aesthetic Society and American College of Surgeons

When he isn’t working with patients at his private practice Dr. Brucker volunteers his time and talents to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, where he previously served as Medical Director. Fresh Start Surgical Gifts helps disadvantaged infants, teenagers, and children transform their lives through the gift of reconstructive surgery. Through the work of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts over 7,900 children have received life-changing surgery and medical care.

At his private practice Dr. Brucker strives to give every patient the type of care they deserve. The core principles of his practice are individualized care, transparency, patient education, and conservative and effective care. Visiting Dr. Brucker for a consultation is a much different experience than visiting any other La Jolla plastic surgeon. Rather than give patients a quick consultation with a breast implant size chart or pamphlet explaining their procedure, Dr. Brucker takes his time explaining each option and procedure in detail, and answering every question. At the initial consultation patients can expect to spend about an hour with the surgeon. 

Dr. Brucker is committed to providing each patient with the information they need to make an educated decision for their bodies, leading to a high rate of satisfaction. Patients who visit Dr. Brucker know he will prioritize their care, comfort, and high quality results. As one reviewer on RealSelf explained, “He is extremely knowledgeable! He really listened to what I wanted and how I want to look. He was very thorough in discussing options about sizing/surgery/recovery, I felt very comfortable.”

Choosing a Breast Implant Size with Dr. Brucker

While Dr. Brucker offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, one of the most popular is breast augmentation. During a patient’s initial consultation Dr. Brucker explains all the benefits and compromises of the procedure, taking time to fully explore the choices each patient must make and how these choices will affect them after surgery. Because of his dedication to patient safety and effective treatment, Dr. Brucker tells us, “I tend to focus on established techniques that are proven to be safe and effective over the latest fads and gimmicks. If there’s a faster, better way, I will only follow it if it’s good for the patient and will never allow my patients to be test subjects or guinea pigs.”

One choice every patient must make is which type of breast implant they will use. Tools such as a breast implant size chart will only go so far to give patients an idea of the results they can expect. That is why Dr. Brucker spends extra time with each patient explaining how different implants are filled, available sizes, profiles, placement, and how they can best achieve natural looking results. Using Vectra 3D Imagery patients are given a realistic picture of what they can expect from surgery. “Patients absolutely love this technology,” says Dr. Brucker, “because for the first time, it enables them to see a 3D picture of themselves with a new look. Because it is in 3D, the image can be rotated to any viewpoint and patients can really examine the desired result. We can make changes here and there and agree on a final look in advance, and this truly helps them in the decision-making process.”

Dr. Brucker strives to offer effective and aesthetically pleasing treatments for his patients, and as mentioned above, is focused on patient safety above all. He is proud to offer the latest breast implant technology, the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant. As he explains, “this newest type of breast implant combines the benefits of both saline and silicone breast implants.” While  unstructured saline breast implants tend to ripple or wrinkle under the skin, IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants have an internal structure that provides stability and a natural look and feel, much like that of silicone gel breast implants. IDEAL IMPLANT is available in a variety of sizes and is filled during surgery, allowing surgeons to address existing asymmetry with precision. For an IDEAL IMPLANT breast implant size chart visit this page

Plastic surgery isn’t one size fits all. By adding more safe and effective treatment options Dr. Brucker’s patients walk away with the individualized results they want. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure visit Brucker Plastic Surgery to find the options you want and a surgeon who puts patients first.

Considering breast implants in La Jolla? Contact Dr. Michael Brucker today to discuss your options. Simply call 858-450-1776 or visit Dr. Brucker’s office is located at 9850 Genesee Avenue Suite 500, La Jolla, CA 92037. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

Dr. de Ramón: Preferred Plastic Surgeon in Central Pennsylvania

Studies show plastic surgery can provide women and men with higher self-esteem, leading them to enjoy life more. However, safe and effective treatment options, proper patient education, and realistic goal setting are keys to achieving life-changing results. In Central Pennsylvania, Dr. Richard de Ramón offers everything his patients need to make a positive change. With over 20 years of experience Dr. de Ramón brings the highest levels of skill and excellence to his work, while also focusing heavily on his patient’s needs and education. If you’re considering plastic surgery, wondering which procedure will give you the results you want, or even just looking for information about breast augmentation prices, de Ramón Plastic Surgery Institute is where you need to start.

About Dr. de Ramón

Dr. de Ramón began his career by training in general surgery, before moving on to more specialized training in plastic surgery. During his plastic surgery residency at Albany Medical School he concentrated on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, face, body, and hand. Dr. de Ramón is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He also enjoys membership in several local and regional medical societies including the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

At Dr. de Ramón’s private practice, de Ramón Plastic Surgery Institute, patients find a welcoming space to explore and learn about their options for aesthetic enhancement. Visiting Dr. de Ramón for a consultation is a highly individualized experience. Before discussing details like breast augmentation prices patients need a clear picture of what is involved in the process, and what kind of results they can expect. Dr. de Ramón listens to his patient’s desires and guides them toward the procedures that will be safe and effective in their unique situation. Most importantly, Dr. de Ramón is always truthful about the reality of plastic surgery. As he explains, “If you’re not a good candidate for a procedure that you are considering, I will tell you and give you alternatives.”

As part of Dr. de Ramón’s philosophy of care, he is dedicated to lifelong learning. Each year Dr. de Ramón spends time learning about new procedures and medical devices, reading textbooks and medical journals, attending conferences, and watching surgeries. However, Dr. de Ramón does not subject his patients to “fad” procedures that have not been peer-reviewed or FDA approved. “Just because a procedure is new,” says Dr. de Ramón, “doesn’t mean it’s safe, that the result of the procedure will last very long, or that it’s better than accepted ‘gold standard’ procedures.” This dedication, along with his artistic eye, means his patients receive the highest quality care and results.

Breast Augmentation Prices

For patients visiting to discuss breast augmentation prices, implant types, and more, Dr. de Ramón offers IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. Because of his extensive experience using IDEAL IMPLANT, Dr. de Ramón has been nationally recognized as an Ideal Implant Preferred Surgeon. As mentioned above, Dr. de Ramón does not bring new technologies to his patients without first examining their safety and effectiveness over time. In FDA clinical trials IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants were shown to have a low rate of rupture and capsular contracture for primary augmentation patients at 8 years, two reasons women may return to their surgeon for revision surgery.

In addition to low rates of complications, IDEAL IMPLANT provides women with a natural look and the peace of mind of only saline inside, which is harmlessly absorbed by the body and offers instant rupture detection. Women who desire a natural look often choose silicone gel breast implants because they offer a smooth, soft result. Silicone gel is not absorbed by the body, and ruptures can be difficult to detect, so they are called  “silent ruptures.” Because of this, the FDA recommends routine MRIs for women with silicone gel breast implants in order to detect silent ruptures. With the innovative design of the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, women can choose a breast implant that looks and feels natural, and provides instant rupture detection.

Learning about breast augmentation prices, implant types, incision placement, and more can be overwhelming, particularly when there are so many options to choose from. However, plastic surgery is not one size fits all, and patients who visit Dr. de Ramón will notice that he prides himself on offering a variety of options so every patient can achieve their aesthetic goals. Patients who visit Dr. de Ramón’s central Pennsylvania practice can expect to spend a significant amount of time with the surgeon as he provides all the information needed to make an educated decision. Dr. de Ramón explains the consultation process saying, “I provide you with reliable and current information about the procedures you’re contemplating. I encourage questions. This way you can make a fully informed decision.”

Why Choose Dr. de Ramón

Plastic surgery is a decision that should not be made lightly, but it is also a decision that can change your life for the better. Whether you want to discuss surgical procedures, breast augmentation prices, or skincare, Dr. de Ramón is ready to listen and guide you to the best version of yourself. As one recent patient wrote,

“Best all around! . . .Dr. deRamon is fantastic. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He is very patient and he never once made me feel as if I was bothering him when asking a ton of questions. My results are well beyond my expectations. He will be seeing me again!” – Beth C. Facebook Review

de Ramón Plastic Surgery Institute is located in central Pennsylvania, making it easily accessible to patients in many major cities and towns such as Harrisburg, Lancaster, Carlisle, Hershey, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Don’t wait to start your journey toward aesthetic improvement with one of Pennsylvania’s top plastic surgeons.

Considering breast implants in Mechanicsburg? Contact Dr. Richard de Ramón today to discuss your options. Simply call 717-798-2880 or visit Dr. de Ramón’s office is located at 2025 Technology Parkway, Suite 303, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.