IDEAL IMPLANT® vs. Silicone Implants in New Evaluation

In a recent 8-year study, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant was determined to have significantly lower rates of rupture and capsular contracture. Two recent evaluation procedures were created to further test and compare breast implants to see if the IDEAL IMPLANT still excelled in other areas, like malleability under mechanical strains and tangent moduli, or stability and softness correlation. During these evaluation procedures the IDEAL IMPLANT was tested against and compared to two types of silicone implants, the Allergan Natrelle INSPIRA Gel, and the Allergan Natrelle INSPIRA Cohesive Gel. These silicone gel implants are the most similar to the IDEAL IMPLANT in size, shape and texture in order to create the closest comparison. The procedures run, the results from both implants, and the conclusion of the study will be discussed below. 

New Procedures

The new evaluations of breast implants are both accurate and reproducible. Rather than waiting years to see how an implant will react in a patient’s body, these testing procedures allow for testing of an implant’s strength and flexibility beforehand which can indicate breast implant durability and stability. This could lead to creating future implants with even more advanced technology and even less risks. 

  • The initial evaluation was a test of how various types of breast implants respond geometrically to different load amounts. This helps explain the shape the implant will take depending on the type of activity performed, from laying down to vigorous aerobic exercise. This was performed by placing the breast implants between two parallel metal plates and measuring the differences between the diameter of the implant before and after compression under several different weight loads. 
  • The second procedure used tested the correlation between implant stability and implant softness by measuring the force to pinch or squeeze the implants by simulated fingertips. The amount that the implant moved and was displaced by the simulated fingertips indicated both the softness and stability of the IDEAL IMPLANT vs. the silicone implants. “. . . the pinch force for the IDEAL IMPLANT is similar to the pinch force for the Allergan gel implant, which is considered to be a standard for softness comparison. The pinch force for the IDEAL IMPLANT is also found to be much lower than the Allergan cohesive gel implant pinch force. The measured force for each local diametric strain therefore provides a mathematical description of the implant tactility or palpability. For a given local diametric strain such as squeezing or pinching, a more compliant, or softer implant, would require a lower force to squeeze or pinch the implant.”

IDEAL IMPLANT vs. Silicone Gel 

According to this new methodology, the IDEAL IMPLANT held its shape and profile better and more consistently under different load types than the silicone implants. This means that a woman with IDEAL IMPLANTS can exercise, run, embrace, lay down, etc., without worrying about a drastic change in the way her implants look. This also means that the IDEAL IMPLANT is stronger, which leads to zero cases of folding failures and lower rates of rupture and capsular contracture. Although the implant is very strong, it doesn’t feel firm. At lower compression rates like in the pinching and squeezing evaluation, the IDEAL IMPLANT displays similar or greater softness to silicone gel implants

“Compared to gel implants of similar size, the IDEAL IMPLANT has lower multi-dimensional strains and higher tangent moduli especially for loads exceeding about 100 N. The shape stability of the IDEAL IMPLANT described mathematically by these factors may help explain the higher ultimate strength of the IDEAL IMPLANT, the absence of clinical fold flaw failures, and the favorable clinical outcomes of lower CC rates and lower deflation/rupture rates, especially those related to shell failures. Despite the higher shape stability of the IDEAL IMPLANT relative to [silicone] implants, at low, localized compressive loads the IDEAL IMPLANT exhibits palpability similar to a gel implant, and is much more compliant to localized compressive forces than the cohesive gel implant.” 


According to these methods used to compare the IDEAL IMPLANT to silicone implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT outperforms the silicone gel implants tested in strength and durability while being comparable to silicone implants in softness. 

“Future testing using this methodology may help in understanding the linkage between implant mechanical properties and clinical outcomes. This methodology may also provide the means to assess and optimize current and future implant designs toward improved clinical outcomes.” 

Thanks to these new evaluation procedures, patients can rest assured that their implants will be dependable and beautiful for a very long time. The IDEAL IMPLANT offers women a separate option from saline and silicone gel. Gone are the days that women need to worry about their breast implants rippling, changing shape, or rupturing. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, women have access to a soft, durable implant that looks natural and offers peace of mind. To find out more about the IDEAL IMPLANT, visit

Marketing to Millennials: Using Digital Information and Presenting Options for Breast Implants

The term, “millennial” may be eye-rolling to many adults between the ages of 23 to 38, nonetheless, almost every business is doing whatever they can to market to this generation.  With a whole different perspective on plastic and cosmetic surgery than previous generations, millennials are a growing population of consumers that demand to be informed and know all their options.

*Chart from 

According to a first ever market study on this subject, Millennial Ax Market Study (Medical Insight, Inc., May 2019), about 80 million people of the Millennial generation are in favor of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. The oldest Millennial adults, or “Generation Y,” are turning 38 this year, and many that age and younger are thinking that it’s the right time to invest in different aspects of their physical appearances.

Most people begin to consider cosmetic surgery as they get older, which is why Baby Boomers who are ages 55+ still remain the largest customer base for aesthetic procedures. However, members of Generation Y (millennials) and the upcoming Gen-Z see aesthetic procedures differently overall, “Whereas older generations have sought out reactive treatments to correct damage, people in their 20s and 30s try to stay slightly ahead of the curve to preserve their skin quality and ward off unwanted lines and other signs of aging.” -from Medical Insight, Inc., May 2019

Carrie Strom, Senior Vice-President of U.S. Medical Aesthetics at Allergan, says Millennials don’t have such a stigma about aesthetic procedures because they’ve grown up with it surrounding them, “They have the budget, the interest and the cultural predisposition to be the perfect candidates for medical aesthetics,” she said

How are Millennials Different than Older Generations?

In general, millennials are more tolerant of cultural and personal differences because they grew up in a society where acceptance and understanding were emphasized at home, at school, and in the workplace. Most all millennials have smartphones and participate in some form of social media or another. Where other generations are more private and believe in keeping personal information to themselves, Millennials go online all the time to share personal experiences, stories, reviews, etc. “The millennial ‘mommy blogs’ include smart, educated women who are now at home with children. . . . Some of the more successful mommy bloggers have achieved incomes as high as $20,000 a month.” –from

Millennials have no problem sharing personal medical experiences, giving advice to their friends, family, and local community about what procedures are “worth it” and which are not. This is a generation that grew up with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, so it’s natural that they are a group of people who believe in their individuality. While older generations may go to the nearest plastic surgeon they can find, Millennials are more likely to look for a plastic surgeon that is understanding, compassionate, will present them with all their choices, and also has great reviews online.

Millennials: Not “Poor” By Any Means

Some people stereotype Millennials as habitually poor, staying at home with parents until much later in life compared with older generations. But the reality is that most Millennials actually have good jobs, make more money than you would think, and are getting married and starting families. 

According to the new Millennial Ax Market Study, “in 2018 sales of aesthetics products in the U.S. and Canada were $5.3B and are expected to grow as high as $8.7B in 2023. Millennial spend will grow from nearly $1.0B in 2018 to $2.2B in 2023.”

Physicians Should Consider a More “Digital” Approach

It is a mistake to assume that plastic surgeons can attract the millennial generation simply through word-of-mouth. A distinctive online presence is now a requirement to appeal to this tech-savvy group. In addition, aesthetics-related companies and practices should use digital/ mobile marketing approaches that appeal to Millennials. 

As noted by Michael Moretti, CEO of Medical Insight, “Millennials expect to get information off of their devices. You need to present to them what is basically a digital marketing campaign.”

Plastic surgeons should take advantage of review websites such as RealSelf, Yelp, Google, etc., to draw more interest in their practices and procedures. Personal blogs or question and answer articles are also a huge plus. 

Millennials Want to Know About Current Breast Implant Devices

Because members of Generation Y are so informed, “They want to know everything about products, procedures and providers before they even go into the office,” says Moretti. For those millennial women considering breast implants, they want to know all the side effects that they may be dealing with during and after breast augmentation, as well as their various options. 

Currently women have three choices for breast augmentation: silicone gel-filled implants, saline implants, and structured saline implants, or the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structure Breast Implant. A Millennial patient coming in to see a plastic surgeon is going to want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of implant and which will be a good fit for her specific body type. 

The FDA’s Stance on Textured Breast Implants

The new study shows that a Millennial will do as much research as they can before coming in to discuss a breast augmentation. Millennials should know about a recent high profile FDA hearing on the safety of breast implants, in which the FDA decided to “not ban textured breast implants, which have been linked to the risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). As of September 2018, the FDA had received a total of 660 medical device reports of BIA-ALCL, including the death of nine patients.” -from Medical Insight, Inc., May 2019

The FDA says there is not enough scientific evidence that demonstrates textured breast implants cause these symptoms. Though almost immediately following the April FDA hearing, Allergan’s textured implants were taken off the market in France, The Netherlands and Canada. The U.S. government is choosing not to do so and they still remain an option for breast augmentation surgery in the States. Various U.S. regulators say they plan to work with patient groups and manufacturers to make changes to the labels of textured implants that could include a strict black box warning, but that remains to be seen.

How the New IDEAL IMPLANT® Gives Women Beauty Without Compromise

Women no longer have to choose between peace of mind and a natural look when they select the IDEAL IMPLANT®. These implants only have a smooth surface (not a textured one) and are filled with sterile saline solution, which can be absorbed easily by the body. A series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers hold the saline filler, so there is less folding and wrinkling for a more realistic look. On the outside, the edges have been lowered for a more natural contouring to the chest wall.

The IDEAL IMPLANT requires a smaller incision and has less risk of rupture and capsular contracture than silicone gel implants. While silicone gel implants require expensive MRIs to detect a rupture that are usually not covered by insurance, if the IDEAL IMPLANT ruptures, you will immediately know just by a quick glance in the mirror. Board-certified New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sophie Bartsich says, “Overall, breast implant surgery has an extremely high satisfaction rate, and when done properly, the results can be fantastic. Most patients report feeling ‘balanced’ and ‘feminine,’ in a way little else could provide. But the decision to put something into your body is an important one, and the more information you have, the better.”

Millennials considering breast implants should be sure to meet with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon before making a decision. For a full list of board-certified plastic surgeons, go to To find board-certified plastic surgeons that offer the new IDEAL IMPLANT, click here. For more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants, visit

Learn From One Woman’s Experience With Breast Augmentation

How can one woman’s experience with breast augmentation help you prepare for surgery? Some women feel anxiety when thinking about pain during recovery and wonder how realistic their results will be. Studies show that knowing what to expect before breast surgery will lead to higher satisfaction with your results. In fact, according to the University of Basel, 96% of cosmetic surgery patients reported increased happiness and self-esteem after their procedure. The majority of the 4% who did not feel these benefits were shown to have unrealistic expectations heading into their procedure. 

To give you an idea of what you can expect, we looked at one patient’s experience from the day of surgery to 6 weeks after. Lanegrabella, a RealSelf user, posted her experience on the website. Her surgery was performed in October 2018 by Dr. Constance Barone in San Antonio using IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. Lanegrabella describes herself as 27 years old, 116 pounds, 5’2”, and a mom who breastfed three children. 

Breast Surgery Recovery: Immediately Post-Op

Lanegrabella describes her state 15 hours after her plastic surgery.

“I don’t see many reviews for the IDEAL IMPLANTS, so I am adding my review. Right now I’m about 15 hours post op. I received 335 cc in my right breast and 350 cc in my left breast to correct some symmetry. As a point of reference, I started very deflated and flat chested after  breastfeeding my wonderful babies. My surgery went quickly, and so far I love my surgeon and her team. They are so efficient and did a beautiful job. I’ve had the normal pain and [have been] nauseous, but I’ve already started to feel a little less pain and nausea. I hope it continues to improve from here.”

This experience is common. Most surgeries are finished in under one hour, patients are observed for a short time, then sent home the same day. As a patient, you should plan to have what you need in order to rest as soon as you get home from surgery. This may include food, water, compression garments, and prescriptions.

Breast Surgery Recovery: One Day Post-Op

One day after her breast augmentation Lanegrabella details her recovery.

“Today has been rough. I woke up in a lot of pain. I had my first post op appointment. My surgeon wants me to begin doing aggressive massage twice a day, and it hurts so bad. I feel like I have some uneven swelling. More swelling on the right side. They are so high and tight. It’s just been a very painful day. On a positive note I took a shower today.”

Every patient has a different experience with pain but knowing that you will most likely experience it in some capacity is important. Patients experience the most pain in the first few days after surgery and typically take pain medication to manage it. These first days of recovery can be difficult, but the benefits of breast implants are long lasting.

Lanegrabella also mentions her breast implants are “high and tight.” This “high and tight” feeling happens because the skin and muscles around the implants need to relax and stretch to accommodate the increase in volume. In the first few weeks after plastic surgery, you will notice your breast implants begin to drop down into their final position and fill out the bottom of the breast pocket. Surrounding muscles relax resulting in a more natural shape and a softer feel. 

Breast Surgery Recovery: Four Days Post-Op

Almost one week after her surgery Lanegrabella states,

“Things are going well. I’m slowly getting into the swing of things again. I am able to do my breast massages without too much pain. I still have pain, but I’m only taking extra strength Tylenol twice a day. Boobs are still high and tight.”

How long after your surgery can you return to normal activities? The answer is different for every patient, however Lanegrabella’s experience is average. Between three and seven days post-op most patients are able to stop taking narcotics for pain management and can return to work and social activities. Exercising should still be avoided after a breast augmentation until you are cleared by your board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Dr. Barone advised Lanegrabella to perform daily breast massage for several weeks after her surgery, which can help prevent capsular contracture. Capsular contracture happens when the capsule surrounding the breast implant begins to tighten and harden. In severe cases this condition requires reoperation. It is not known what causes capsular contracture, though there are some ways to help prevent it from happening. Daily breast massage can help but it is important to talk with your surgeon before beginning these massages. Some breast implants have higher rates of capsular contracture, so before you pick a breast implant for your surgery do some research about capsular contracture rates. To get started visit this page

Breast Surgery Recovery: Two Weeks Post-Op

Pain, swelling, and the “high and tight” feeling continues to improve. Lanegrabella describes what life is like two weeks after her plastic surgery.

“Things have been going well. I think some of the swelling has gone down, and my boobs now feel a lot softer to the touch. It’s nice to know that they will continue to get soft. My sister was impressed with how soft they are already (she got silicone implants four years ago). Pain is very minimal. To me it feels like my boobs felt in the early nursing days. A little sore. I keep thinking to myself, ‘I need to go pump.’ lol. I only need about one extra strength Tylenol a day, and some days I don’t even need any. Things started to get better around six days post op. The hardest part now is protecting them from my little ones. My one year old always wants to lay on them, and that’s not possible right now. I look forward to being able to pick him up again.

I’m still going bra free and doing my massages as per the doctors orders. I have my second follow up appointment in two days. I hope she says everything is going well.”

Breast Surgery Recovery: Six Weeks Post-Op

Six weeks after her breast augmentation Lanegrabella reports that she is feeling more and more like her normal self.

“Things are going well. I just have to remember to do my massages. I still have pain occasionally, but not most of the time. I’m still most comfortable when I’m sleeping on my back. It feels a little weird to sleep on my side. Could be because I’m not wearing a bra. They have dropped some, but I can’t wait until they have dropped a little more . . .”

At this point in recovery most women are cleared by their plastic surgeon to resume all normal activities including exercise. As in Lanegrabella’s experience, pain should be minimal six weeks out, but do not be surprised if you experience some lingering pain. If you feel a sudden increase in pain or other symptoms, do not hesitate to call your surgeon. Lanegrabella reports after over two months of healing, “I was having a lot of sudden pain in one my breasts. Dr. Barone let me come right in to examine the issue. It turned out that I had just pulled a muscle, but I really appreciate the way she handled the situation.” 

Schedule Your Plastic Surgery With Dr. Barone Today

After almost four months with her breast implants Lanegrabella reports “All in all, I do really like them. I think they look amazing, and they’ve given me a lot of confidence.” If you are considering a breast enhancement visit Dr. Barone for a consultation. With over 25 years of experience in cosmetic surgery Dr. Barone has helped hundreds of women gain more confidence in their bodies. Dr. Barone is one of the exclusive plastic surgeons in the San Antonio area to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, and is an IDEAL IMPLANT Premier Surgeon. This new implant provides a natural look and feel, the safety of only saline inside, and some of the lowest rates of rupture and capsular contracture in any breast implant available today.

Considering breast implants in San Antonio? Contact Dr. Constance Barone today to discuss your options. Simply call 210-268-1596, or visit Dr. Barone’s office is located at 9502 Huebner Road, Suite 202 San Antonio, TX 78240. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

How the IDEAL IMPLANT Maximizes Breast Lift Results

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Every pair of breasts is as unique as the woman who owns them, and every breast augmentation patient has different desires and goals for the look she wants to achieve. However, two important factors do seem to remain common among women seeking breast enhancement. Most want a natural-looking end result and all of them want an implant that allows them to feel good about their safety.

IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants are the latest form of breast implant technology on the market. They satisfy both of these key priorities for plastic surgeons and their patients. If you want to add volume to your breasts, the IDEAL IMPLANT can help you achieve the results you want while giving you the peace of mind you need about safety.    


IDEAL IMPLANT patients enjoy augmented breasts that feel and look natural because of its unique design. Separate chambers inside the IDEAL IMPLANT allow the saline inside to move in a way that is controlled. This gives the implant a firmer feel than traditional saline breast implants which feel like a water balloon, yet it still maintains the soft touchable feel that a silicone gel implant can offer. 

The Security of IDEAL IMPLANT

The IDEAL IMPLANT not only gives women a beautiful, natural-looking breast enhancement outcome, it also gives them the freedom to never have to worry about their breast implants rupturing without them knowing. Silicone gel breast implant patients run the risk of experiencing silent rupture, which happens when silicone gel leaks out of the implant and into the body through a hole or tear. The IDEAL IMPLANT has zero risk for silent rupture. If it does become damaged, a simple look in the mirror will alert you right away. The implant will partially deflate, and the surgery to replace it is simple with no messy cleanup of sticky silicone gel.    

IDEAL IMPLANT patients also enjoy lower risks for other complications, such as capsular contracture and rupture or deflation. Recent findings from FDA trial data studies on the IDEAL IMPLANT (after eight years with primary augmentation) show that its capsular contracture rate is 6.6 percent, while a major silicone gel brand implant’s rate is as high as 16.6 percent. IDEAL IMPLANT’s rate of rupture was found to be just 2.1 percent compared to another brand of silicone gel implants that is 13.6 percent.

What do these numbers mean for you? If you choose IDEAL IMPLANT for your breast enhancement, you’re getting breast implants that are proven to come with lower risks than others. You’re choosing peace of mind without compromising on beauty.   

IDEAL IMPLANT and Breast Lift Surgery

Some women cannot obtain the look they wish for with breast implants alone. If the breasts sag or droop significantly, implants will add weight and make them sit even lower. Mastopexy, or a breast lift, will give the breasts a more youthful appearance by moving the nipple and areola to a higher position and removing excess tissue. 

Breast augmentation enhances the breasts even further when combined with a lift. The two procedures work together to create a rejuvenated bust that is full, perky, and beautiful. The IDEAL IMPLANT works well for women who want to fix breast sagginess with a breast lift. The dome-like shape of the implant helps provide more lift and outward projection for breasts that droop.

Breast Lift With IDEAL IMPLANT Before and After Photos

Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a premier IDEAL IMPLANT plastic surgeon in New York City. She offers her breast augmentation patients the IDEAL IMPLANT knowing it can help them achieve greater beauty and femininity.

The before and after photos below are of a 39 year-old patient of Dr. Bartsich’s. In the after photos, you can see her results about two months after her breast lift and augmentation with the IDEAL IMPLANT. The patient’s implants were filled with 270 cc of saline and gave her greater contour, fullness, and forward projection. 

Your IDEAL Augmentation With Dr. Bartsich

Dr. Bartsich is a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in breast enhancement. She helps her patients dreams become reality by combining her training in the arts with her surgical skills. Dr. Bartsich trains medical students at New York Presbyterian Hospital Medical Center, has conducted award-winning research, and has also been designated a SuperDoctors Rising Star. 

At her practice, Dr. Bartsich focuses on customizing treatment to each individual and maximizing each patient’s full cosmetic potential. She is part of an exclusive network of plastic surgeons to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT to breast augmentation patients who want beauty without compromise. 

Considering breast implants in New York City? Contact Dr. Sophie Bartsich today to discuss your options. Simply call 212-717-9200, or visit Dr. Bartsich’s office is located at 960 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10028. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. 

Why I Traded My Silicone Implants for the IDEAL IMPLANT

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

When it comes to breast augmentation, women deserve implants that not only look and feel beautiful, but also give them peace of mind. IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants are the latest innovation in breast implant technology that offers both beauty and security. The IDEAL IMPLANT is filled only with saline, and its design features internal chambers that gives it a natural look and feel. Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a board certified plastic surgeon in New York City who offers this implant option to her patients. One of Dr. Bartsich’s patients shares her personal experience switching from silicone implants to the IDEAL IMPLANT:      

Using My Story to Help Others

“I have decided to write about my breast implant replacement for two reasons. First, to let everyone know that Dr. Sophie Bartsich is absolutely the most amazing doctor I’ve met. Second, why I chose the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants and how I feel now, after surgery.”

Starting Out With Saline

“I had my first breast augmentation in 2000 when silicone implants were banned in the USA. I chose a saline implant with a textured shell. Surgery was successful, they looked great. I had them for 18 years and I was very happy with them. I never had any complications, they felt and looked great.” 

Out With the Old, In With the New

“I moved to a new city a couple of years ago and started seeing a new cosmetic surgeon. When it came up during our conversations that my implants are old, she recommended replacing them before they might rupture, and the process would become more complicated. It sounded logical, I had some downtime coming up from travel, so I scheduled the surgery. This time I chose the so-called silicone gummy bear implants. 

“Surgery went well, except when I saw my breasts for the first time after surgery, I knew that the doctor made a mistake and misplaced one of the implants. I was furious. I knew that this isn’t going to change. They might look somewhat better, but it would never look the way I wanted them to look and they definitely wouldn’t look like they looked after my first augmentation. I also knew I would probably have to wait six months to have another surgery.” 

Looking For Answers

“During the next six months, I saw six different doctors for consultation. They all had the same opinion acknowledging the mistakes and assuring me that it is correctable. I just didn’t feel comfortable with any of the doctors I’d met until I met Dr. Bartsich. She spent a long time with me the first time I saw her. She listened to everything I said, and I had a lot to say. She asked me why I chose silicone gummy bear implants since I had saline implants for so long. I don’t really have a better answer than I just wanted to try something different that supposedly feels more natural.”

Finding My Perfect Fit With the IDEAL IMPLANT

“By this time, six months had passed since my surgery and, to be honest, I wasn’t happy with the silicone implants. They looked like jello. They were soft, almost mushy, they seemed to pick up my breasts’ shape. They looked nothing like my almost 20-year-old saline implants. Dr. Bartsich then showed me an implant I have never seen before. They felt very natural in my hands, close to how silicone gel feels, but they were a nice dome shape. I picked them up, so they hang, and they didn’t ripple, then I lay them flat and the top didn’t go flat like silicone gummy bear implants do; they stayed dome-shaped. She explained to me that these are new, structured saline implants, and she also explained all the pros and cons. There aren’t cons really, unless someone only wants silicone implants. These implants look nicer, they don’t lose their form and the most important fact about them, they are SAFE. There is no need for MRIs and being afraid of silent ruptures. 

“Now I just had one dilemma; which implant to choose—the gummy bear implants again or the IDEAL structured saline implants. I got home and I did a ton of research. I’ve read every publication about both implants, including all trial, research, and other materials I could find on the internet. I went back to see Dr. Bartsich to discuss just the differences between the implants. Honestly, I already knew that I would go with the IDEAL IMPLANTS, it was really a no brainer. 

“The day of my surgery came. I was excited. I knew Dr. Bartsich would fix the mistakes, and, deep down, I also felt that my breasts would look a lot better aesthetically. So, the first time I saw them after surgery, I can’t describe how happy and relieved I felt. They looked PERFECT! I mean perfect, exactly the same as they did 18 years ago. They are symmetrical, the shape is awesome, and they feel great. Now it’s been a couple of weeks, they still look awesome. I can’t feel the implants, or I have to look really hard for them (nothing like the old silicone implants), they are completely natural, but the biggest difference is that the implants give a nice shape to my breasts. They are no longer a mushy jello (more perky) like they were with the gummy bear implants.” 

Comparing Recoveries

“Another observation: I had a harder recovery after the silicone implants. I wasn’t in pain at all, but I was tired, out of breath for almost three weeks after surgery. I would go out for a walk and had to turn back because I felt like I had no energy. Just a note, I am above average shape, exercise six times a week, so it was very weird for me to feel like this. I am not a medical professional, but just based on common sense logic, it seems that my body isn’t fighting against the saline implants, while I think it took a lot for it to accept the silicone ones. I actually worked from the next day on since my surgery (work from home). I felt great the whole time. By the time my first visit came around, I didn’t even feel like I had surgery. I’ve been walking hours since then without any issues and I can do all my daily activities, except exercising.” 

Making the Right Choices

“I hope my story will help the reader to make the right decisions. Make sure you choose the right doctor, you research everything about them and most importantly you feel comfortable with whom you end up choosing. If there is that little feeling in your stomach that always questions things, listen to it. As far as the implants, I would choose the IDEAL structured implant over any other implant over and over again.” 

Learn More About IDEAL IMPLANT With Dr. Bartsich

Dr. Sophie Bartsich’s artistic training combined with her surgical expertise makes her the perfect choice for women seeking a plastic surgeon with a personalized approach to breast augmentation. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been named as a SuperDoctors Rising Star. Dr. Bartsich is part of an exclusive network of plastic surgeons to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant, and is proud to provide her patients with the latest in breast implant technology. 

Considering breast implants in New York City? Contact Dr. Sophie Bartsich today to discuss your options. Simply call 212-717-9200, or visit Dr. Bartsich’s office is located at 960 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10028. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. 

A Personal Experience with Breast Implants Before and After Surgery

Do you wish you could get advice from someone who has had a breast augmentation, but don’t know who to ask? While every person’s body is unique and your breast implants, before and after, surgery may not be exactly the same as someone else’s, most women find it extremely helpful to read personal stories from former or current patients to know what to expect throughout the breast augmentation process. 

A recent 36-year-old female patient of Los Angeles-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bresnick shared her personal experience with breast augmentation on RealSelf. She chose the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants for her procedure. In her posts, she discusses her consultation with Dr. Bresnick, choosing breast implant sizes, the day of the surgery, and the recovery process.

While a lot of women and surgeons used to think, “bigger is better” when it came to breast augmentation, trends have changed. Most women now want proportionate, natural-looking breasts that fit their body type. This patient said she only considered an augmentation after looking at realistic breast implants “before and after” photos.

“. . . For many years I was grateful for my 36B sized breast and very adamantly did not want breast implants because I thought I would look like I had two coconuts on my chest. I work in the aesthetic industry and in the more recent years I have seen so many gorgeous natural looking breast augmentations. . . “

Before a breast augmentation, it’s imperative that every patient select a plastic surgeon who is board-certified and can deliver fantastic results.

“After neurotically researching doctors in my area, I chose Dr. Stephen Bresnick (solid 5-star Yelp and seen his work firsthand). The end result of any beautiful breast job is a reflection of the true artistry mastered by the surgeon. Take your time looking through the Drs portfolio of before and afters. Of course I tried to select a woman of similar breast size and weight as myself to judge the overall potential outcome. . .”

Since every woman’s body is unique, different breast implant sizes won’t look the exact same on every person. Here are some tips this patient gives on finding the right size for you.

“I decided on the IDEAL IMPLANT for the safety and peace of mind, the decision was easy however deciding on the size was not! The doctor asked me to select three images of my wish boobs. He was very honest about what I could realistically expect. The women I liked had swoop style breasts which is more easily achieved with silicone. Saline is more round and takes time to settle lower in the breast . . .

“Since my choice was saline the doctor informed me that whatever range was possible to feel the implant, he would have to fill it half way in order for the implant to give the nipple a natural lift effect. Without putting this effect into place the natural roundness of the implant would have my nipple pointed towards the ground. This is the part of the consultation where I realized going with a doctor of 27 years experience is critical at spotting a problem before it becomes one. My desired breast size would be a full C small D, and the doctor ordered two different size implants and said he would put both in and pick which ever looked the fullest but the most natural.

“If you need guidance on how many cc will look best, I recommend trying out the rice bag test at home. There are online instructions of how much rice to fill to simulate X number of cc. The rice is placed in a hose tied off and compressed around your natural breast in a thin tight fitting sports bra. It does look weird without any nipples, so I put two marbles inside the sports bra over the bags.

“Rice sizer helped tremendously, allows you to feel the weight and see how a variety of your clothes will fit. 460 cc felt way too big, 425 cc was what looked and felt best.”

Your doctor should discuss every detail of the surgery and recovery process with you at your appointments. Any preparation you can take care of beforehand will help things go easier for you. This patient suggests prepping for your recovery well beforehand.

“Don’t wait to the last minute, I picked up my prescription meds the same day he wrote them, two weeks before the surgery day. I lined all the medications on the counter and marked them with sharpie indicating which time and how many and which ones had to be taken with food. Make sure to pick up all of your favorite frozen meals, protein bars, bone broth soups, stool softener, probiotics and Epsom salts.”

The Day of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Surgery went right on schedule. Wore scrub pants, and a snap down shirt, with oversized jacket. I spoke with the nurses and anesthesiologist about how nervous my bf was, this funny banter went on for five min or so, then I remember nothing.

“I woke up in postop recovery feeling like I had had the best nap of my life. My chest was wrapped and I couldn’t see or peek! I asked the nurse what size and she said 405. I was a little disappointed because after our conversation this was not part of the plan in order to raise the nipple. However it wasn’t until later that day at home that I opened up my envelope and saw my card and it said that I received 435 in the left breast and 445 in the right breast. She simply stated 405 because that’s the standard size ordered before they put in the saline. I took Percocet every four hours and the pain was controlled and the extra bonus was it helped me sleep most of that day.

“The pressure/soreness was similar to a strong workout at the gym (and I mean strong work out like as in haven’t worked out in a few years and you get DOMS delayed onset muscle soreness) but very tolerable. . . . Everyone told me to buy certain bras from Amazon, but I’m glad I did not. My doctor has me wearing a loose-fitting sports bra.”

Though you can expect to see your results right away, most implants start out high and have to “drop”and settle into place over a period of time.

“When my bandage compression was removed the second day my breast were quite high. I expected this and I know it will take time. I fully trust my doctors advice and artistry.”

Your doctor will probably also ask you to massage your breasts after surgery to help reduce the growth of a scar tissue capsule around the implant. This will also keep the implants soft and flexible.

“Had another follow up Monday and the nurse showed me how to do my dressing changes and my breast massage exercises. Doing the exercises the first few days were a pain because she asked me to do 20 side presses and milk squeezes every two hours throughout the day. My breast are tight and very firm but today is Thursday and since Monday I can feel them moving much easier.

“I am not experiencing any pain, however the right boob starts to ache when I’m doing my exercises. It almost feels like a Charlie horse along the side of my breast near my underarm.”

A week or two after surgery you will need to go back into your plastic surgeon’s office so they can remove the sutures and check for any infections in the incisions.

“Today has been one week since my surgery and I’m loving my boobs more everyday. My visit today was with the nurse to remove the sutures. This nurse has worked with the same surgeon for 10 years and fully capable of routine postoperative care and can identify things that are normal and things that are not. Thankfully my incisions are healing nicely with minimal bruising.”

Most women experience a significant boost in confidence after a breast augmentation. This patient couldn’t wait to fill out an unpadded bra after surgery.

“Couldn’t resist a stop by VS (Victoria’s Secret). First sexy lacy bra fitting. I know it’s early but I’ve been dreaming of the day I can fill out a lacy PADLESS bra. So far 36D fits best. I am so grateful to my surgeon, and his entire staff. Truly amazed and hard to believe a week ago I had barely b’s (all breast sizes are beautiful but I fantasized larger to harmonize with the rest of my body, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!)”

It’s important that you follow all the instructions of your plastic surgeon after your procedure. Twenty days after surgery this patient was still diligent in doing her exercises to promote healing and recovery.

“I have been wearing the band this way for one week (nurse said it will help the top of the chest line drop/soften more naturally) We will see what the doc thinks at the follow up tomorrow . . . I am very pleased with how they are softening. The bottom of the breast more dramatically, while the top is still high and firm. I do my best to do the exercises but admittedly miss the every two hour mark (sometimes it’s more like four). The ace band has been uncomfortable, feels sore pushing on the numb upper breast area.”

By day twenty-five after surgery this patient was noticing a significant change in the way her breasts felt and really starting to enjoy her new look. 

“I don’t think my boobs ever touched while laying on my side before. I am loving my side lying cleavage! Still wearing my ace bandage to bed and keeping my incisions covered. Breast feel softer each day. When I do the massage, I can feel the bag under my skin, kinda weird. I wonder if I will always feel the bag (you can feel it more so with firm squeezes, soft breast squeezes and tissue feels natural).”

On day twenty-eight this patient’s breasts were almost in their final position and feeling much more natural.

“My breast are starting to settle but still have more dropping to do. They are so much softer. When I do breast massage, I no longer have to squeeze as hard with my hand, it requires a lot less effort.”

Breast Implants Before and After Surgery with IDEAL IMPLANT

Dr. Stephen Bresnick is one of an exclusive group of surgeons who offers the latest in breast implant technology to his patients with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. This innovative new breast implant technology combines the safety of saline with the natural look and feel women expect from a silicone gel breast implant. The IDEAL IMPLANT has a lower risk of both rupture and capsular contracture when compared to silicone gel implants, and you can notice a leak just by looking in the mirror. The IDEAL IMPLANT is only offered by board-certified plastic surgeons and is FDA approved for women ages 18 and older in breast augmentation. 

About Dr. Stephen Bresnick

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bresnick is a native of Los Angeles who completed his undergraduate work, Master’s degree, and Doctoral Degree at UCLA. Dr. Bresnick earned his M.D. at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Following graduation from medical school, Dr. Bresnick completed his surgery internship and surgery residency at Stanford University, followed by a three-year plastic surgery residency at Stanford. Dr. Bresnick was named Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery at Stanford in 1996. 

Once becoming a fully trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Bresnick completed a Craniofacial Plastic Surgery fellowship at USC and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. He was named Clinical Instructor in Plastic Surgery from 1996-1997. Dr. Bresnick was appointed Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Plastic Surgery at USC in 1997, and remained on the full-time faculty for five years. During this time, Dr. Bresnick taught plastic surgery and lectured extensively, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Bresnick has won many awards and is recognized as an expert in plastic surgery. He has published nine books in medicine and science and has authored over 20 articles published in medical journals.

Considering breast implants in Los Angeles, CA? Contact Dr. Bresnick today to discuss your options. Simply call (818) 981-3333, or visit Dr. Bresnick’s office is located at 16633 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 110 – Lobby Level Encino, CA 91436. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

Why IDEAL IMPLANT is the Best in Breast Implants Before and After You Turn 20

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that helps young women gain confidence for many reasons. Correcting asymmetry and enhancing breast fullness can make clothing and swimwear fit better and look more flattering. Breast implants can also provide a more balanced proportion for your figure. For women whose breasts never fully developed during their teens, getting implants in your 20s can enhance your feminine shape. If you have researched breast implants before and after photos online, it is easy to see the difference the enhancement can make. Once you decide to take advantage of the benefits of breast augmentation, it is time to start considering your options for implants. You might be surprised to learn that not all breast implants are created equal.     

Saline vs. Silicone Gel Implants  

Most breast augmentation patients are familiar with the basic options for breast implants before and after their initial consultation. Saline breast implants are FDA-approved for women 18 and up and add breast volume without the use of silicone gel. However, they have a feel that is similar to a water balloon and tend to show rippling and wrinkling through the breast. Silicone gel breast implants have a more natural look and feel, but recent questions surrounding their safety make some women uneasy. Because of these concerns, silicone gel implants are FDA-approved for women age 22 and older. Younger women must consider alternative options. 

The IDEAL IMPLANT Difference

The new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants are an option for women who want breast enhancement without having to compromise on peace of mind or beauty. They are filled with saline, so there is never a risk for undetected silicone gel leakage, or silent rupture from these breast implants. Before and after the initial consultation, women notice that the IDEAL IMPLANT’s inner design gives it the structure that traditional saline implants lack. The result is a breast implant that looks and feels beautifully natural with the security of never having to worry about silent rupture. 

Unlike silicone gel breast implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT is FDA-approved for women 18 and up and does not require regular MRIs to look for possible leakage. IDEAL IMPLANT patients can tell if their implants are intact by simply looking in the mirror. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David M. Creech is a member of the exclusive network of surgeons to provide IDEAL IMPLANT, and his patients are happy with their breast implants before and after photos. He says, 

“Once I go through the advantages and disadvantages between the silicone gel and the IDEAL IMPLANT, a lot of my patients are converting over to IDEAL IMPLANT.”

Breast Implants Before and After Photos With Dr. David M. Creech

The IDEAL IMPLANT is the perfect choice for women in their early 20s because it allows them to enhance their breasts without the maintenance that comes with having silicone gel implants. There is no need for routine MRI monitoring and no reason to have them replaced after a certain amount of time. Easy leakage detection and natural-looking results in their breast implants before and after photos have patients like these young women very satisfied with their implant choice.

This 25 year-old woman received the IDEAL IMPLANT with Dr. Creech. The “after” photos show her beautiful results with her left implant filled to 555 cc and her right filled with 600 cc.

The 21 year-old woman in these breast implants before and after photos is another satisfied patient of Dr. Creech. He filled her left implant to 405 cc and her right to 455 cc.

IDEAL IMPLANT: Lower Risks Means Peace of Mind

Dr. Creech is proud to offer his breast augmentation patients the latest implant technology so they will be happy with their choice of breast implants before and after their surgery. Compared to the primary augmentation of other types of implants, the IDEAL IMPLANT has lower rates of capsular contracture, deflation, and rupture. The lower risk for these complications make IDEAL IMPLANT the perfect choice for women in their early 20s. Dr. Creech says, 

“Statistically the IDEAL IMPLANT has a much better track record versus the silicone gel and saline implants. That’s a huge advantage. Time will tell, but the way that the data is going I think the IDEAL IMPLANT is actually going to become the most wanted implant on the market.”

Explore the Beauty of the IDEAL IMPLANT With Dr. Creech

Dr. David M. Creech opened his Arizona plastic surgery practice more than 30 years ago. His high level of experience and skill allows him to provide his patients with an excellent overall cosmetic journey. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Arizona Society for Plastic Surgery. He is also board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Every member of his staff is dedicated to giving each patient accurate information, skilled care, and close personal attention. 

Considering breast implants in Arizona? Contact Dr. David M. Creech today to discuss your options. Simply call (480) 899-3737, or visit Dr. Creech’s office is located at 485 S. Dobson Road, Suite 217, Chandler, AZ 85224. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

The Best in San Diego Plastic Surgery With Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh

Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh says, “I have a private practice here in San Diego, California. I’ve been in private practice for about 16 years now and I mainly do breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and body contouring. I also do facial procedures such as face lifts and eyelid lifts, as well as some fillers and Botox injectables.”

Plastic Surgery From a Woman’s Perspective

“I feel that there’s a certain clientele, mostly women, who feel a little more comfortable going to a woman plastic surgeon. Many of my clients have seen a couple of different male surgeons as well, and some women resonate with a male surgeon. But I find that there’s a very large population of women who, when they meet me, instantly feel a little more relaxed and comfortable. 

“I know that my greatest attribute is being a very good listener. I think that one of my best qualities is that I can really figure out what a woman is looking for. I can identify with each woman, and relate to the struggles we all have with our bodies. I think there’s a good deal of women that really resonates well with. And once that relationship is established, they feel very comfortable.”

Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Approach to Breast Enhancement

“Many women come to me seeking out improvements in their breasts. Whether it be breast reduction, breast augmentation, or breast lift, I can help to figure out what’s going to be the best procedure for them. Many women have had children and dislike their breasts afterwards. Others have begun to age and their breasts start to lose volume or have extra skin. So, I look at it as my job to figure out exactly what the woman is looking for. Is she looking for a change of shape? Is she looking for more volume? Or does she just want to look like she did 10 years ago? It’s important to determine what she is looking for as far as volume and shape. Once I figure that out, we go forward and figure out if it’s just a lift she needs, or if we need to add volume to the woman’s chest to give her that desired look.  

“Next we can start figuring out how much volume the patient wants, and then we’ll discuss the pros and cons about the different kinds of breast implants. I always ask them initially whether they’ve given any thought to the kind of implant they’re thinking about, whether that be silicone gel, saline, or structured implants. I offer guidance based on some of the things they’ve already discovered, and then I try to educate them about the different options for the types of implants that are available. There are a couple different ones to choose from, and we try to figure out where they are in that process. I’m really good at helping them to navigate what type of implant is going to be the best for them.”

An Emphasis on Patient Education

“Quite often, some women aren’t really even aware of the differences between the various types of implants. On the other hand, some are very well-educated and they already know what’s out there. I figure out what you have heard about and then I present the options. There’s the silicone gel implant, and there’s the traditional saline-filled implant. I show them the textures and then we talk a little bit about the pros and cons. I always try to stress the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants over just a regular saline implant. I think that it’s added such a great innovative option for especially the women that are a little hesitant about the silicone gel implant. There’s a lot of press out there about breast implant illness disease, and the cancer that could be associated with some silicone gel implants, and although it is very rare, it can happen. There are many women that are sensitive to those things and they generally want a saline implant. 

“I’m a very strong component of education for the patient. Certainly, as a consumer and as a woman, I would want to know everything that I could possibly know about what is going to be surgically placed in your body. It’s definitely something you want to have done your research on. So even if a patient is focused on a silicone gel implant, I still like to present the other options so they can know they’ve made an informed choice.”

Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Thoughts on the IDEAL IMPLANT

“When I was first introduced to the IDEAL IMPLANT, it was pretty refreshing to see the technology of the multi-movement that it has, and how you can actually feel the difference in its texture. That’s what initially really impressed me. I thought it seemed like a really great option that is better than the other traditional saline implant, so I started incorporating the IDEAL IMPLANT into my practice.

“I’ve noticed that a lot of women come in asking for the IDEAL IMPLANT specifically. They’ve already done their research, and they like what they find out about it. Ever since I was introduced to it I’ve presented it as a great new option. There’s always the patient who has done a ton of research and when they come in and say they want the IDEAL IMPLANT, I believe it’s a good choice.”

Experiencing Great Results With IDEAL IMPLANT

“I’ve had nothing but great results with the IDEAL IMPLANT and my patients universally have been thrilled to have it. There’s going to be the occasional patient who wishes they had gone a little smaller or a little bigger, but It’s very rare. However, in terms of its functionality, how it’s held up, and how well they liked it, the IDEAL IMPLANT has been 100 percent successful with my patients.”

Choosing IDEAL Over Other Implant Options

“I think the main reason a woman is going to want a saline over a silicone gel implant is that they have some sort of fear or bias against silicone gel implants. For example, they may know someone who had a negative experience with their silicone gel implants. Others may have read something about it that just doesn’t appeal to them. It’s a big deal to put a foreign object in your body, and a lot of women are just more comfortable with the idea of an implant filled with sterile salt water versus silicone gel. 

“When you take those factors and add them to the fact that this new innovative implant has an even softer feel than silicone gel, my patients are pretty much sold. They like getting the advantages of having the saline-filled IDEAL IMPLANT that is very soft and natural feeling, without having to worry about silicone gel.”

Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Words of Advice

“I am a very strong advocate of the IDEAL IMPLANT and I think it’s turning out to be a wonderful addition to our plastic surgery toolbox. I think the results have been really phenomenal. The IDEAL IMPLANT has lived up to what it has said it would do which was feel more natural. I think my patients really have experienced that. If a relative or a friend were looking into breast augmentation, I would highly recommend considering the IDEAL IMPLANT as an option.”

Why Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Clients Love DBG Plastic Surgery

“My practice is DBG Plastic Surgery, and we are a smaller boutique practice. I think one of the huge advantages of that setting is that I personally provide all follow-up care, which allows me to develop a really strong relationship with each patient. They come in very frequently, which helps us get to know each other, and that minimizes complications and fears. The boutique-style and size of my practice means there’s always access to us all the time. My staff is so warm, inviting, and friendly that people feel really comfortable here. 

“Another advantage my San Diego Breast Implant patients enjoy is the follow-up care I provide. It really sets me apart from bigger practices where the patient may be seeing a PA rather than the doctor. I think that as patients meet and get to know me, they feel a strong comfort level and the fact that I provide so much hands-on patient care is really a huge positive.”

Achieve Beauty Without Compromise With IDEAL IMPLANT and Dr. Breister-Ghosh

Considering breast implants in San Diego? Contact Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh today to discuss your options. Simply call 1-619-822-1667, or visit Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s office is located at 2275 Rio Bonito Way, Suite 220, San Diego, CA 92108. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.

The Cost of Breast Implants was Worth Every Penny

RealSelf user abruch, a nurse from upstate New York, had always felt like she was small in bra size and overall stature and was ready for a much needed boost of confidence. While doing her research on saline and silicone breast implants, she found the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, and realized that she had more options than she thought. She explains her thought process, how she compared the costs, found the right surgeon for her, and what she thinks of her end result. 

The Beginning

Patient abruch says, “I have always been small, both in bra size and in overall stature. I am 28, have had one child, and breast feed and pumped for 8 months. I am 5’3, 118 pounds and use to wear a 32B. I did my research extensively, I am a nurse myself and wanted to ensure my best and safest result. I stumbled across the IDEAL IMPLANT a year ago and was intrigued by [the] hybrid like implant, saline filled but will feel and act like silicone [breast implants] due to the shell of the implant.” 

Once she discovered the IDEAL IMPLANT and researched all of its benefits, such as its ability to maintain a perky profile while feeling soft like a silicone gel implant, she knew it was exactly what she wanted. She also loved that, because it is filled with saline, it offers women peace of mind and instant rupture detection. When women choose the IDEAL IMPLANT, they don’t have to worry about FDA recommended MRI’s or silent rupture. Based on a recent 8-year study, the IDEAL IMPLANT had the lowest risk of rupture and capsular contracture rates compared to silicone breast implants. 

Finding the Right Surgeon

After comparing feel, risk, and the cost of breast implants, abruch knew she wanted the IDEAL IMPLANT and a board certified plastic surgeon. Though the IDEAL IMPLANT is growing in popularity, it is exclusively available to board certified plastic surgeons who wish to offer it to their patients. She goes on to say, 

“The only problem with the IDEAL IMPLANT is their availability in my area. I am from upstate New York and the closest areas were either across the border in Canada or driving to the city (6 Hour Drive) so I did some looking and found a board certified, well-reviewed surgeon who is located in Florida. Since I thought it would be a great idea to go on vacation and recuperate in the sunshine versus up here in the winter tundra I made the journey to Florida. I met with Dr. Roxanne Sylora at the Institute of Aesthetic Surgery and loved her!! She’s very experienced and well-known for her breast reconstruction and breast implants. I called the office and spoke with their coordinator Cheryl who I absolutely loved. The customer service at this Institute has been phenomenal.”

The Surgery and Cost of Breast Implants

She flew to Florida and went to her surgery appointment. “I went for my breast augmentation on March 19. I did get my IDEAL IMPLANTs of 375 CCs. The surgery went well, something that was a PRO to me was the fact that I wasn’t going to be put completely under with anesthesia, instead they use MAC (monitored anesthesia care), so essentially I was not completely under and was able to not be placed on a ventilator. I now am two weeks post-op and think this procedure was worth every penny and worth years of saving for.”

She explains that the IDEAL IMPLANT, though more expensive than her other options, still seemed to be the smartest choice because it gave her peace of mind as well as a reliable protection plan

“Now I will say that the IDEAL IMPLANTs were more costly than both saline and silicone [breast implants]. The IDEAL IMPLANTs cost me about $1300 more than the silicone but do appear to be much safer in retrospect. I was also able to purchase an insurance on the IDEAL IMPLANTs which covered a lot of potential complications post-op including infection, blood clots, and capsular contracture. With my track record that gives me peace of mind.”

About Dr. Sylora

Dr. Sylora, known for her expertise in breast enhancement, reduction and body contouring, recently joined the Institute of Aesthetic Surgery.  She spent the last several years in the Chicago area doing all types breast and body work, including breast augmentation, breast lifts with or without implants, tummy tucks, breast reconstruction and post-massive weight loss body contouring. She is one of the exclusive surgeons who offer the IDEAL IMPLANT along with saline and silicone breast implant options. 

Dr. Sylora graduated from the University of Illinois and trained in Chicago as well as Detroit. Training with world-renowned plastic surgeons in Nashville, she then completed a breast and aesthetic fellowship at the Institute for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Baptist Hospital. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, she has also been recognized as a Top Plastic Surgeon by Consumers Checkbook and by one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons by Consumers Research Council of America.

“Our self-image is such a vital part of how we interact with the world. How you feel about yourself is reflected in every interaction you have. I have seen many people bloom after being able to address the issues which were undermining their confidence. We all have something we wish we could improve about ourselves. It’s extremely rewarding to be able to improve someone’s daily life by helping them enhance and maximize what they have.” says Dr. Sylora.

Dr. Sylora believes that every person should be encouraged to make choices about his or her medical care and appearance in a supportive, nurturing and non-judgmental environment. During a one-on-one consultation, she will take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns about each service she offers as well as the different costs of breast implants. 

“Little changes can dramatically change a person’s outlook on life,” says Dr. Sylora. “Plastic surgery is most successful when a person chooses it for the right reason: to make oneself happy, not someone else. We are typically our own worst critic.”

Dr. Sylora is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and actively participates in the Maintenance of Certification program.  She is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

“I already feel more confident with my body and I can’t wait for the rest of the healing process to occur . . . I’ve already seen a change in my implants—they have been becoming softer and appear slightly lower. I now am two weeks post-op and think this procedure was worth every penny and worth years of saving for . . . Overall I am just thrilled with my results!!!!”- abruch,

Wondering about the cost of breast implants in Celebration, FL? Contact Dr. Sylora today to discuss your options. Simply call 407-459-8047, or visit Dr. Sylora’s office is located at 400 Celebration Place, Suite A320, Celebration, FL 34747. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants.

My Breast Enlargement With the IDEAL IMPLANT® in Vancouver

Reading the stories of breast enlargement patients can be helpful when you are considering the procedure for yourself. No two women will have the exact same experience with their breast implant surgery, but researching others’ reviews can be like talking to a good friend: it’s about connecting with people who go through similar things. 

Real experiences with IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants can be found in abundance on RealSelf, a website that features reviews on plastic surgeons, procedures, and information on breast augmentation cost. Laurasaurusrexx is the username of a RealSelf member in Vancouver, BC, who shared her journey online. Her story is just one of the many that contribute to IDEAL IMPLANT’s RealSelf “Worth It” rating of 99 percent. She shared these updates on her plastic surgery:

Why I Chose Breast Enlargement

“Well, I finally booked my breast augmentation! I’m 31 years old with a tall and lean frame, and I have no children. I mostly wear a bra size 34B, but there is space in the cup, and I’d like to be able to finally fill out a bra.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted larger, womanly breasts. When I was a child I would put a pillow in my top and imagine being a grown woman. I always figured I would hit puberty and get full-sized breasts! But, unfortunately it never happened for me. 

“Since my teen years I’ve thought about breast implants. When I hit my 20s I figured I would wait until having children and see if breastfeeding made my breasts bigger. If the increased size didn’t last, the procedure would be worth the breast augmentation cost to me. But I’m 31 now, with no husband or long-term partner, and I’m tired of waiting. It’s depressing to feel like I have to wait to get breast enlargement for something that might not even happen. I want to embrace my single life and focus on being the best, happiest version of myself!

“Despite having small breasts, I’ve never been self-conscious about my body. I feel confident in myself. I just think larger breasts would make me EVEN more confident and feel comfortable in certain clothes.”

Taking the First Steps

“When I called the plastic surgeon’s office, they asked what I was looking for, answered questions, and took my personal information. The lady on the phone was so kind and put some of my anxiety at ease. We set up a consultation!

“My doctor was very kind and knowledgeable. I brought a huge list of questions, including questions about breast augmentation cost, and he answered most before getting to the Q&A at the end. He helped me set my expectations. Based on my body type I now know what to realistically expect my results to look like after the surgery. 

“I tried on some sizers and am leaning toward 375cc high profile IDEAL IMPLANTS. 375cc seemed so huge! But I think it’s hard to imagine having any breasts when you are as flat chested as I am. My goal is to have full, natural looking, proportionate breasts. Now that my breast enlargement is booked I’m so excited!”

3 Days To Go

“I’ve been channeling my anxiety into cleaning and preparing my house. I’ve officially decided to go with IDEAL IMPLANTS under the muscle, 375ccs. 4 hours until I have to be there!!!”

Forget the Stress: Get the IDEAL IMPLANT Advantage

Laurasaurusrexx may have been nervous about her upcoming surgery, but in choosing the IDEAL IMPLANT, she will never have to worry about some of the problems that come with other breast implants. Silent rupture, or undetected silicone gel leakage, will never be an issue for her because the IDEAL IMPLANT is filled with saline. Laurasaurusrexx will not have to factor routine MRIs into her overall breast augmentation cost either, because leakage of the implant is easily visible. Her implants will not be susceptible to wrinkling or rippling because of the IDEAL IMPLANT’s unique structural design. She will be able to enjoy the natural look she’s always wanted without any of the stress. 


“My breast enlargement surgery is complete and the doctor said everything went well. Afterwards, my friend took me home and I was so hungry! I ate things like soup, crackers, and popcorn.

“I’m being diligent to take my pain medications as scheduled and I’ve been icing a bit. Tonight I’ll be attempting to sleep on a 45 degree angle, but I’m not a back sleeper so we will see how that goes!”

Day After Surgery Update

“I am one day post op and things are better than I expected. I can do things like get out of bed alone, go to the bathroom, get a snack, and sit up and watch TV. It feels good to be relatively independent. 

“Some things are still a little difficult, like reaching behind me, reaching anything above the shoulders or low down, or holding anything with pressure. I haven’t attempted to change clothes or shower, so I’m still in my comfy new PJ set.” 

Feeling Good on Day Three

“I’m on day three after my breast enlargement and I’m feeling pretty great! I even had a shower! My breasts are pretty numb, especially the nipples. It’s super strange. The shower feels really weird. My chest still feels tight and I have some pain but it’s getting better.”

One Week Post Op

“Well, it’s one week after getting the new boobs and sometimes I still can’t believe that I actually did it. I’m so happy! Things have gotten so much easier over the past week. Right after surgery it was challenging to bend or reach things with my arms. Now I can do most things, with some things feeling a bit funny, but not painful. 

“I’ve been feeling super tired and have spent the days resting. But I did go out with friends a couple times and for some short walks. I’ve been back at work for two shifts. Using my arms a lot does cause some soreness and pain. 

“My post op appointment with my plastic surgeon is in 2 days and I hope the doctor agrees with how well I think things are going with my new IDEAL IMPLANTS.” 

18 Days After Surgery: Continuing to Heal!

“It’s been 18 days since my breast enlargement. A lot of things have gotten way easier and I am pretty much feeling like my normal self again. Life is back to normal, just with bigger boobs.

“I went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday and got sized as 32DDD! Which is insane. I bought two wireless T-shirt bras but had to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING!”Laurasaurusrexx achieved the natural feminine look she had always wanted with her IDEAL IMPLANTS, and she was able to do it without having to sacrifice any peace of mind about their safety. For her, the breast augmentation cost was more than worth it for the results she’s already enjoying. The IDEAL IMPLANT is the latest in breast implant technology and it caters to women who want natural looking results from breast enlargement without silicone gel. If you are interested in a breast implant that makes you feel beautiful and secure, contact a member of the exclusive network of plastic surgeons who provides the IDEAL IMPLANT. Click here to find an IDEAL IMPLANT surgeon near you.