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Women Concerned About Silent Rupture in Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Nearly 75 percent of women say they’d be “very” or “constantly” concerned about “silent” or unknown ruptures of silicone gel breast implants, according to survey results presented recently at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Three surveys of 1,143 women showed 97 percent want to know if silicone gel implants rupture, with 95 percent […]

What Patients Need to Know About Breast Implants

What do you need to know before you choose breast implants for your breast augmentation? Doing some research before you choose an implant and a surgeon will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle. A 2017 independent survey revealed concerns many women have surrounding their breast implants. The findings may address similar concerns […]

How Can Your Practice Attract Breast Enhancement Patients?

An independent 2017 study asked women questions about their thoughts and concerns regarding breast enhancement and breast implants. The study surveyed 933 random female respondents, 415 of which were nurses. Follow-up questions were given to 100 female physicians and received similar responses. The findings can give insight to surgeons who want to attract more breast […]

Taking Charge of Your Breast Augmentation

You deserve to have the best breast implants, the best surgeon, and the best overall experience for your breast augmentation. So, how do you make sure that you’re selecting a qualified and compassionate surgeon and an outstanding implant that will help you achieve this reality? What to Ask Your Doctor You need to take control […]

Breast Enhancement: What to Expect for Your Recovery

Are you worried about what your recovery will be like after your breast augmentation? Whether you’ve chosen one procedure or a combination of procedures (such as a breast lift combined with breast augmentation) you can do a lot to ensure your recovery is as uneventful and pain-free as possible. While all the details of your […]

How to Prepare for Your Breast Augmentation

After your procedure, you want to ensure that you have a smooth and easy recovery. When you prepare in advance, you can resume your normal lifestyle sooner. If you’ve chosen the new IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants for their unique structure and enhanced safety features, you’ll go into your surgery confident you’ve made the best […]

Breast Enhancement: Things to Consider Before Surgery

Are you ready to make a change? Is 2018 the year you’ll finally get those breast implants you want? Before you schedule your procedure, you should ask yourself the following questions: Which implants are right for me? What is the post-surgery recovery like? How much maintenance is required? Let’s look at some of the answers […]