The Best in San Diego Plastic Surgery With Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Plastic Surgeon Feature

Dr. Diana Breister-Ghosh says, “I have a private practice here in San Diego, California. I’ve been in private practice for about 16 years now and I mainly do breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and body contouring. I also do facial procedures such as face lifts and eyelid lifts, as well as some fillers and Botox injectables.”

Plastic Surgery From a Woman’s Perspective

“I feel that there’s a certain clientele, mostly women, who feel a little more comfortable going to a woman plastic surgeon. Many of my clients have seen a couple of different male surgeons as well, and some women resonate with a male surgeon. But I find that there’s a very large population of women who, when they meet me, instantly feel a little more relaxed and comfortable. 

“I know that my greatest attribute is being a very good listener. I think that one of my best qualities is that I can really figure out what a woman is looking for. I can identify with each woman, and relate to the struggles we all have with our bodies. I think there’s a good deal of women that really resonates well with. And once that relationship is established, they feel very comfortable.”

Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Approach to Breast Enhancement

“Many women come to me seeking out improvements in their breasts. Whether it be breast reduction, breast augmentation, or breast lift, I can help to figure out what’s going to be the best procedure for them. Many women have had children and dislike their breasts afterwards. Others have begun to age and their breasts start to lose volume or have extra skin. So, I look at it as my job to figure out exactly what the woman is looking for. Is she looking for a change of shape? Is she looking for more volume? Or does she just want to look like she did 10 years ago? It’s important to determine what she is looking for as far as volume and shape. Once I figure that out, we go forward and figure out if it’s just a lift she needs, or if we need to add volume to the woman’s chest to give her that desired look.  

“Next we can start figuring out how much volume the patient wants, and then we’ll discuss the pros and cons about the different kinds of breast implants. I always ask them initially whether they’ve given any thought to the kind of implant they’re thinking about, whether that be silicone gel, saline, or structured implants. I offer guidance based on some of the things they’ve already discovered, and then I try to educate them about the different options for the types of implants that are available. There are a couple different ones to choose from, and we try to figure out where they are in that process. I’m really good at helping them to navigate what type of implant is going to be the best for them.”

An Emphasis on Patient Education

“Quite often, some women aren’t really even aware of the differences between the various types of implants. On the other hand, some are very well-educated and they already know what’s out there. I figure out what you have heard about and then I present the options. There’s the silicone gel implant, and there’s the traditional saline-filled implant. I show them the textures and then we talk a little bit about the pros and cons. I always try to stress the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants over just a regular saline implant. I think that it’s added such a great innovative option for especially the women that are a little hesitant about the silicone gel implant. There’s a lot of press out there about breast implant illness disease, and the cancer that could be associated with some silicone gel implants, and although it is very rare, it can happen. There are many women that are sensitive to those things and they generally want a saline implant. 

“I’m a very strong component of education for the patient. Certainly, as a consumer and as a woman, I would want to know everything that I could possibly know about what is going to be surgically placed in your body. It’s definitely something you want to have done your research on. So even if a patient is focused on a silicone gel implant, I still like to present the other options so they can know they’ve made an informed choice.”

Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Thoughts on the IDEAL IMPLANT

“When I was first introduced to the IDEAL IMPLANT, it was pretty refreshing to see the technology of the multi-movement that it has, and how you can actually feel the difference in its texture. That’s what initially really impressed me. I thought it seemed like a really great option that is better than the other traditional saline implant, so I started incorporating the IDEAL IMPLANT into my practice.

“I’ve noticed that a lot of women come in asking for the IDEAL IMPLANT specifically. They’ve already done their research, and they like what they find out about it. Ever since I was introduced to it I’ve presented it as a great new option. There’s always the patient who has done a ton of research and when they come in and say they want the IDEAL IMPLANT, I believe it’s a good choice.”

Experiencing Great Results With IDEAL IMPLANT

“I’ve had nothing but great results with the IDEAL IMPLANT and my patients universally have been thrilled to have it. There’s going to be the occasional patient who wishes they had gone a little smaller or a little bigger, but It’s very rare. However, in terms of its functionality, how it’s held up, and how well they liked it, the IDEAL IMPLANT has been 100 percent successful with my patients.”

Choosing IDEAL Over Other Implant Options

“I think the main reason a woman is going to want a saline over a silicone gel implant is that they have some sort of fear or bias against silicone gel implants. For example, they may know someone who had a negative experience with their silicone gel implants. Others may have read something about it that just doesn’t appeal to them. It’s a big deal to put a foreign object in your body, and a lot of women are just more comfortable with the idea of an implant filled with sterile salt water versus silicone gel. 

“When you take those factors and add them to the fact that this new innovative implant has an even softer feel than silicone gel, my patients are pretty much sold. They like getting the advantages of having the saline-filled IDEAL IMPLANT that is very soft and natural feeling, without having to worry about silicone gel.”

Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Words of Advice

“I am a very strong advocate of the IDEAL IMPLANT and I think it’s turning out to be a wonderful addition to our plastic surgery toolbox. I think the results have been really phenomenal. The IDEAL IMPLANT has lived up to what it has said it would do which was feel more natural. I think my patients really have experienced that. If a relative or a friend were looking into breast augmentation, I would highly recommend considering the IDEAL IMPLANT as an option.”

Why Dr. Breister-Ghosh’s Clients Love DBG Plastic Surgery

“My practice is DBG Plastic Surgery, and we are a smaller boutique practice. I think one of the huge advantages of that setting is that I personally provide all follow-up care, which allows me to develop a really strong relationship with each patient. They come in very frequently, which helps us get to know each other, and that minimizes complications and fears. The boutique-style and size of my practice means there’s always access to us all the time. My staff is so warm, inviting, and friendly that people feel really comfortable here. 

“Another advantage my San Diego Breast Implant patients enjoy is the follow-up care I provide. It really sets me apart from bigger practices where the patient may be seeing a PA rather than the doctor. I think that as patients meet and get to know me, they feel a strong comfort level and the fact that I provide so much hands-on patient care is really a huge positive.”

Achieve Beauty Without Compromise With IDEAL IMPLANT and Dr. Breister-Ghosh

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