Before and After Photos of a Breast Enlargement in Newport Beach with IDEAL IMPLANT®

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Breast Implants Before and After, Plastic Surgeon Feature

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below you may find untouched before and after photos of patients who have granted permission to their surgeon to show them anonymously. While we protect the identities of our patients, please be advised that by their nature, these photos contain sensitive content.

Silicone implants are a popular choice for breast augmentation and have been for decades. Women who want to increase their breast volume like the way these implants feel and look but they may not know about some of the safety concerns associated with silicone implants, such as silent rupture. In Newport Beach, California, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Nichter has over 27 years of experience in plastic surgery. He offers silicone, saline-gel, and IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Saline Breast Implants to his breast augmentation patients. While these implants are all considered good options, only the IDEAL IMPLANT gives women a beautiful, natural look without the risk of silent rupture. Dr. Nichter says, “The bottom line is, the IDEAL IMPLANT fits all the criteria of a more natural, healthy alternative to a silicone gel implant.”

Before and After Photos of a Breast Enlargement in Newport Beach

Dr. Nichter is an Ideal Implant Premier Network Surgeon who has invested his time and research on the development and study of the IDEAL IMPLANT since the early testing stages. Dr. Nichter says, “As an FDA investigator for this implant, I have followed my patients for more than 9 years and have published and reported nationally on the comparison of the IDEAL IMPLANT to silicone gel implants.”

In these photos you’ll see a 53-year-old woman who chose the IDEAL IMPLANT for her breast augmentation nine years ago at the age of 44. The “before” photos were taken on November 21, 2009, and the “after” photos on July 13, 2018. These implants were filled to 237 cc. The patient was able to achieve a beautiful, round shape with the IDEAL IMPLANT.

The Risk of Silent Rupture with Silicone Implants

What exactly does “silent rupture” mean, and why should women worry about it? A silent rupture in a silicone implant is when a tear or leak occurs in your breast implant, causing silicone gel to slowly leak out of the capsule and into the surrounding body tissue. Most women have no noticeable symptoms, and therefore don’t know that a rupture has occurred. In a 2017 Independent Survey, “Women’s Preferences in Breast Implants,” 933 women were surveyed. Out of these women, 95% of them said if they knew their silicone gel breast implant had ruptured but was not causing symptoms, they would want to replace the implant. Dr. Nichter says, “Silicone implants have a rupture rate that’s pretty high from 9%-24% at 10 years. If silicone gel implants are ruptured, it’s not simply removing the silicone gel, you usually have to remove the capsule around the gel, the lining around the gel, called a capsulotomy. And that takes extra time, that can take half an hour to an hour per breast to do that.”

For your breast enlargement in Newport Beach, pick the breast implant that has zero risk of silent rupture: the IDEAL IMPLANT. Unlike silicone implants that require an expensive MRI every 2-3 years to detect a leak, with the IDEAL IMPLANT you will notice a rupture in your breast implants by a quick glance in the mirror. In the same survey mentioned above, 89% of women reported that if the overall performance of the implant is similar, they would prefer an implant where rupture could be detected by looking at the breast, including 79% of women who already had silicone breast implants. With the IDEAL IMPLANT, replacement surgery is quick and straightforward because these implants are filled with saline for peace of mind.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Larry Nichter

Dr. Nichter is a world-class plastic surgeon that has appeared in Best Doctors, Top Doctors, and Super Doctors every year for over a decade. He has placed the IDEAL IMPLANT in hundreds of patients and says this revolutionary new breast implant technology is now chosen by the majority of his patients. Dr. Nichter says, “My patients in general are thrilled about IDEAL IMPLANT. In fact, they tell their friends and their friends come in for it and so on.”

Dr. Nichter’s expert surgical skills and calm, warm demeanor are comforting to his patients during their breast enlargement in Newport Beach. He is passionate about patient education and ensuring the right procedure is performed to achieve exceptional results. Dr. Nichter’s honesty and integrity set him apart from other plastic surgeons in the area.

“Nine years ago I got the ideal implant and a breast lift. From the very beginning; Dr. Nichter has been nothing short of amazing. His entire staff and the whole experience has been great! I am still as happy with my augmentation as the first day I got them! Definitely recommend Dr. Nichter and the ideal implant!” – Anonymous review from

Considering silicone implants for your breast enhancement? Find out why IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants are a great alternative choice for women. Contact Dr. Larry Nichter today to discuss your options. Simply call 949-720-3888, or visit Dr. Nichter’s office is located at 3991 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 320/340, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Call today for more information on IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants.