Realself Patient Shares IDEAL IMPLANT Breast Surgery Story

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Realself user momwins, a mom of seven, had felt like she was small chested with a poochy belly ever since she was a teenager, despite her athletic lifestyle and small figure. After debating for a long time whether breast surgery was right for her, what she wanted, and if she could afford it, she decided she was ready for a much needed boost of confidence and a more proportionate body. While researching plastic surgery before and after photos, she decided that the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant would be the best option. She explains her thought process, how she decided to move forward, how she found the right surgeon, and what she thinks of her end result. 

The Decision to Get Breast Surgery

Patient momwins says, “I am 42 years old and have either been pregnant or nursing babies over the span of 19 years . . . I have always been self conscious of my appearance in a bathing suit . . . I have struggled with a ‘poochy’ belly and small chest my whole life but even more after having kids. Even as a teenager I was athletic but could never get the abs I dreamed of. I have always been a small person and never gained more than 15-20 pounds with each pregnancy and lost it all shortly afterward. The problem has been the rectus abdominis muscles getting stretched so badly and the extra skin I’m left with, on top of the completely deflated breasts. I was about 34B before kids. Now I’m about an A . . . I am ready to begin my journey . . . It’s not about how others perceive YOUR body, it’s about how you feel in your own skin. My husband reassures me that he loves me regardless of my breast size or poochy belly . . . but I just don’t feel like myself in this current body. I want to look nice in dresses and wear a bikini without feeling self conscious.”

Once momwins discovered the IDEAL IMPLANT and researched plastic surgery before and after photos, she knew what she wanted. She appreciated the IDEAL IMPLANT’s ability to maintain a perky profile while feeling as soft as a silicone gel implant and loved that because it is filled with saline, it offers women peace of mind and instant rupture detection. When women choose the IDEAL IMPLANT, they don’t have to worry about getting FDA recommended MRI’s silent rupture. Based on a recent eight-year study, the IDEAL IMPLANT had the lowest risk of rupture and capsular contracture compared to silicone breast implants for primary augmentation. 

Finding the Right Surgeon

After comparing feel, risk, and the cost of breast implants, momwins knew she wanted the IDEAL IMPLANT and a board certified plastic surgeon. Though the IDEAL IMPLANT is growing in popularity, it is exclusively available to board certified plastic surgeons who are part of the IDEAL IMPLANT network. She goes on to describe how she chose the IDEAL IMPLANT and why she wanted Dr. Robert Colgrove to perform her breast surgery saying, 

“I found IDEAL IMPLANTS to be the safest and most natural-appearing and feeling . . . implant on the market so I will be getting those. For me it’s a no brainer . . . no MRI’s, no silent rupture, easy fix if any problems arise. I found Dr. Colgrove on RealSelf researching surgeons and I feel he will provide me with the look I am going for at a price I can manage with travel expenses in consideration. Since I live in Michigan and his office (Vinings surgery center) is in Atlanta, GA, we have been communicating through phone calls and emails. I have been in close contact with his surgical coordinator and so far everything has been professional and friendly. He features one of the most highly credentialed and accredited surgical facilities and personnel a plastic surgeon can obtain. I will fly in on a Tuesday, consult with Dr. Colgrove on Wednesday, surgery Thursday, follow up Friday, go home Saturday. Tickets bought, room reserved, deposit paid! I am doing all the pre OP things I have researched and just looking forward to the huge change about to take place!”

The Consultation and Breast Surgery 

She flew to Atlanta and went to her one-on-one consultation with Dr. Colgrove and describes it, saying 

“I am reflecting on the consultation. I am somewhat closer to deciding on the final size but still have my anxiety about the final decision. I have to tell them in the morning. They have both sizes on hand . . . So, how IDEAL IMPLANTs work is that they start at a certain cc amount and can be filled to a higher amount once they are placed . . . I feel like 450 was a good size but I could go slightly bigger and still be quite happy.”

On the day of the surgery, she was ready with her decision. “I think I’ve settled on the right size. I’m choosing 440 implants filled to 475cc. Dual plane. I just hope it’s not going to look too big. [The nurse] did the 3D image and it seemed to be just right.”

Post Breast Surgery and Recovery

Though momwins experienced the usual post breast surgery pain and soreness, her bruising disappeared within about a week and she was very happy with the size she chose. 6 weeks post op, she says 

“I have been religious about massage and exercises as instructed for the past 3 weeks . . . I love the size. I tried on bras and 34D seems to fit well in maidenform brand. I found a very comfy/secure bralette to wear during the day and I wear a more supportive/restricting one at night. I’m getting impatient with progress and dropping. I know I have a ways to go and lots of changes to take place . . . All in all I am still happy with my breasts and looking forward to my three week ‘graduation’.” 

Though her experience was hard at some points, momwins doesn’t regret her decision. She is very happy with her plastic surgery before and after photos and is glad she chose the IDEAL IMPLANT. 

About Dr. Colgrove

Dr. Colgrove is one of the exclusive surgeons who offer the IDEAL IMPLANT and his practice, Vinings Plastic Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA, is known for being one of the best. When you research him online, you’ll be impressed with his plastic surgery before and after photos and great reviews. Dr. Colgrove attributes much of the credit for the exceptional experience patients have with his practice to his dedicated and caring staff. His staff goes above and beyond to make sure patients have a good experience. They are committed to making you feel welcome and to making your entire surgical experience a positive one. During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Colgrove will take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns about each service he offers, the breast surgery process, and the different costs of breast implants. 

“I researched reputable places to improve my appearance that were safe and highly rated; I wanted my figure back, but I did not want to put myself in danger because I had babies to care for.  Dr. Colgrove was fantastic!  The consultation was informative and educated me, as well as the staff on what my expectations were. I had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. My results have been amazing!… His office was friendly, and open and honest with how your results will look.  Thank you, Vinings Surgery Center, for helping me to regain my confidence.”

Liz S., Google Review

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