A RealSelf Breast Surgery Experience With IDEAL IMPLANT®

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Testimonials - Clients

When it comes to receiving breast surgery, firsthand reports are invaluable. Reading personal accounts is a helpful way to learn what to expect following surgery, gain knowledge about your desired procedure, and hear about real-life outcomes. RealSelf is a platform where women and men can leave reviews and updates about a variety of medical procedures, plus upload plastic surgery before and after images.

Meet bonnie5555 from RealSelf 

On RealSelf, bonnie5555 describes her recovery and post-operative experience after receiving IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implants. She writes:

“Since so many of you helped me with my process I decided to contribute and show my journey with breast augmentation! I am 25 yers old, 127 lbs and 5’7. I am currently a small B cup and decided to go with the ideal implant. After consultation with my doctor we decided to go with the 405 cc and doing a little more in my left breast. My goal is to look natural but also have a more fuller frame. I have read good reviews with ideal implant so I am hoping it lives up to its hype !! Here is a pic of me before with some stats.”

One Week After Breast Surgery

To show her plastic surgery before and after transformation, bonnie5555 posted images one week after breast surgery. She states:

“Feeling excited here are some pictures from one week post op! The first few days were brutal and sleeping was a complete nightmare. I took my pain meds only the first day then stuck to Tylenol extra strength. After surgery I was put into a post surgical bra that was black and resembled a very very tight bandeau that zipped in the front. When I went back one week later my PA said I will be switching to a white strap that goes around my mid torso and then around the top of my breasts to help them settle. I hate this thing !!!!!! It is so comfortable and painful. My left breast feels pain when I wear it around the inner mid section and my back feels like it’s broke lol. Other than that things are going smoothly my incisions are still healing and my breast[s] are still firm and swollen.”

Day 10, 12, 14, and 19 Post-Operative Posts

As bonnie5555 continued the recovery process, she provided regular updates:

“The pain has gone down significantly I am able to do everything except I am still sore and very careful. I go for walks in the morning and night because I am a workout freak and petrified to gain weight lol. Even though I feel bloated I hope it will go down. I noticed my left breast hurt more than my right. I go back for my second check [up] tomorrow so we will see if I can get this damn strap off !! Hope for the best …”

“Ideal implants still feel firm and I have noticed they are dropping. Tomorrow is my appointment so we’ll see what my doctor says …”

“I just went for my two week appointment everything is really well so far ! My breasts are dropping and the little indent in my left he said will go away once these bad boys drop! I only have to wear the strap at night until I go back for my checkup next week! I’m beginning to put the scar cream on today twice a day I also bought some silicone pasties for my nipples which are crazy sensitive !!!”

“Tomorrow is my three week visit to the doctor so we’ll see how things go and if I need to keep wearing my strap. The area in my left breast is going down and my boobies are beginning to feel slightly softer!! I’m curious when everyone else’s softened up??”

Additional Updates

“7 weeks post op … they are feeling SO much more natural ! My right is still dropping more than my left. No pain, but my right breast when I touch the top I do slightly feel the implant. My left was overfilled so I don’t feel the implant at all. I heard once you get to month 3 that’s when you feel the softest! Can anyone relate/update me on their progress.”

“My progress has been great! My right breast feels completely natural but I’m waiting for my left to settle in. I have been increasing my workouts weights I just don’t do push-ups because it feels very weird. But overall I love them!”

Six-Month Follow-Up

“6 months later and I love the boobs!!! They feel pretty normal except when I lay down they are hard but other than that they are fine. They are very perky and close together which I love but the top of my breasts do feel somewhat firm. I still can’t do push-ups but I do everything else workout wise. Love them!”

Video Upload at Seven Months

Seven months after her breast surgery, bonnie5555 posted a video of herself to RealSelf which sparked several comments and questions. bonnie5555 states: “I attached a video to show the softness of the ideal implant! Although they are not as soft as real breast I think they feel pretty soft!!”

A comment by joli2116 reads: “I have been seriously considering getting the ideal implants. Have it experienced any side effects from the implants? I.e. headaches, muscle aches etc?”

bonnie5555 responds: “I love the ideal! No side effects like that feels pretty nomal”

Another comment came in from jennacatt explaining her plastic surgery before and after experience: “They bounce! You’re so lucky! My high profile silicone never bounced. Looks so good! Makes me want ideal implants. Mine were high profile so they were rounder and filled to the max to reduce rippling. So they were not too soft and had no bounce. They were very firm. I didn’t like them so I had them taken out. They were big at 440 cc. I also had the old saline implants which were the worst. Rippling was crazy with those, so hard and ugly. I’m going to get around 220 cc with Ideal implants next. Really downsizing lol”

Ten Months Later

Nearly a year after receiving IDEAL IMPLANTS, bonnie5555 made a concluding post:

“Loving them! They are still a littttttle firm but most people I talk to say implants are never going to be exactly like the real thing. My left breast is overfilled to meet the size of my right and since my skin is on the thinner side I slightly feel the implant on the bottom of my left breast. But on my right breast I do not since there was more fat there. Other than that no complaints !!”

Plastic Surgery Before and After with IDEAL

IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants are the first of their kind, with no other breast implant utilizing the same advanced technology. FDA-approved in 2014, the IDEAL IMPLANT is made up of a unique internal structure—a series of shells nested together that hold two separate chambers filled with saline. This design allows the implant to provide the natural feel and realistic look commonly associated with silicone gel implants, yet the peace of mind that comes with saline and no risk of “silent rupture.” Plus, the IDEAL IMPLANT is only available to an exclusive group of board-certified plastic surgeons. If you are interested in learning more about IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants or to find an eligible surgeon near you, visit idealimplant.com.